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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dirty Tricks as Bush and Harper Snuggle (Senor Calderon is in bed too)

The leaders of Mexico, Canada and the U.S. met in Montebello Quebec this week. Most of their discussions are secretive and apparently deal with ways to harmonize North America. As we slide toward more of an economic union, many of us believe that what is being discussed is how to lower the bar/standards on workers rights, the environment, oil extraction, safety etc.

The only advisory group to the Three Amigos is a round table of corporate execs - get the picture? Free flow of capital, less regulation, commodification of all things social (health care, education, the environment, etc.) And put up a big wall to keep the so-called terrorists out. Nice...

Now we have learned that the violent protest outside the gates may well have been prompted by police agents (story). Friends of mine were there, protesting peacefully.

Let's be sure to boot Harper and his cronies out as well as Bush and Co.

Bush was an embarrassment to the human race.
The Shrub considers himself superior to the rest of us humans, PoP. He was born into a life of privilege, so it's his right to exploit workers.
Amen, Brother Gary. Can't abide that Harper.
I head Bush talking about how he was amused as to what people thought was taking place behind those closed doors and what was really taking place.

I have a comment for him. If he thinks we're all crazy. Why doesn't he OPEN THE DOORS?
Most people put way too much faith in government. Always have, always will. I find any government hard to take seriously.

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