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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ramble with me a little...

I have a few things on my mind and am going to unload some of them on my blog. Tolerate me...or simply click away somewhere else.

Musicians from Australia
I have a musician friend, Emaline Delapaix. She's from Australia and has been living, recording and touring in Canada for a while now. Twice in recent weeks she's stopped over at my house while driving across the country doing gigs. She has been travelling with her all female band, the Delistocracy. Nothing like 5 or 6 women in the house - all very nice, a little wild and very musical. Check out her sound.

Amnesty and the Pope
Funny thing. Jesus comes along, does what he does and says what he says (I'm sorry, but it likely didn't involve virgin birth or resurrection), but I digress. Somehow his message and movement take off and some hundreds of years later we have guys in tall hats in Rome telling millions of people what's what and all about god, sin, redemption, behaviour, sex, money, morality, and so on. The guy there today tells everyone to stop supporting Amnesty, because the organization opposes killing or imprisoning women who get abortions and supports abortion for women who are raped or who will die if they carry their baby. Hmmm... now thousands or millions of people stop supporting and fostering basic universal human rights. Why? Because the old fart in the big hat says so. Jesus, if he existed, and if he showed up tomorrow, would not be amused. I think he's toss them out on their ears... same temples, same pharisees, same hypocrisy, same men who can't stand women etc. Then again, if you want an alternate view on religion all together (is it time to be free?), then check out this book.

The Season
The bears are upon us. I live only a mile from town and there are lots of houses on the lake here. Yet across the road is a mountain and miles and miles of wilderness. The bears are hungry as it's time to get very fat, then go to sleep somewhere. They are around right now, eating fruit, getting into compost and... these sightings:

- My son saw a bear through the living room window. He was moving up towards the front door (the bear, not my son). My son ran to the door to go out and have a look ... just in time to have the bear pause right at the door and look at him through the opening.

- My neighbour's daughter suggested I take care if I go out in my canoe. She saw a large black bear swimming along, just near the dock.

My pear tree was destroyed, about 70% of the branches broken and all that was left of the pears were piles of peary-bear poop - one right next to the drive side door of my car.

Now when I go out the door, I loudly proclaim, "Human being coming through!"

Okay, time for bed.

LOLl, human being coming through..sorry, I think you'll need to say that like Dr. Doolittle!
Interesting reference to that book. Another read that references the current fundamentalisms especially in the US is Tompatch's interview with James Carroll. I wrote about it the day before (sorry, don't remember the link but you can always look at Tompatch). Anyhow, as a non American, it was most enlightening although not all that reassuring. However, it's good to know where all this fundamentalistic/exceptionalism outlook of so many Americans come from. Apparently, the religious and the secular have the same roots.
Scary thing about the bears. I heard they'll rip your head off if they smell your toothpaste on your teeth.

Good points about the fart in the tall hat. Annoying, too.
Look out for those bears!! I read Jim Nelsons account on "Bear Encounters"-Jim is a real character who resides in Grande Prairie, Alberta –who I believe is a friend of Madcap and one you can count upon to serve the bear essentials of some great tales ~ I am sure he would endorse my advice, that is be very careful my friend, for these critters are hungry and dangerous!.

And from bears to Scientists! As they come out of their hibernation many seem in a desperate search for the source of human consciousness.

Your book references make mention to the brilliant Roger Penrose, who with Stephen Hawking developed the theory that led to the realisation and time event horizon for black holes.
But I am afraid Roger Penrose’s quantum coherence theory (arising from quantum mechanics) postulating an interstellar journey for us in parallel, seems to me to be a form of dualism needing some sort of God to work. That would be unintended I guess but I think these Scientists, (Dawkins included) have never really debated their views in a open philosophical sense, particularly Dawkins, whose attacks never stray far from an attack on fundamentalism, with not so much as the tiniest morsel of debate in the realms of any philosophical ethics such as espoused by Aristotle, Kant and Alasdair Macintyre and many others.

The reason for such atheism seems to me to be grounded in a rejection of fundamentalism without any philosophical argument, (at least from what I have seen) presented in logical rigour, other than coionclusions arising from his own field of expertise, essentally that of biology.

~ Best wishes
Thanks Ingrid, Nvisible and Lindsay.

Lindsay, I agree that Dawkins and others don't move into the philosophical realm, although he does quite a good job of refuting many of the foundations for belief in a monotheistic god that so many take for granted simply based on the evolution of religious thought. (If one were born in Iran, one would believe in Mohamed, in Australia: Jesus, in India: a mulititude of gods... and so on.)

My basic premise (these days) is that there is very little evidence or basis to believe in a god in the manner that even my moderately religious or philosophical friends do. I don't believe that the moral-basis, need-for-understanding or original cause theories justify these beliefs.

Do I believe there is mystery beyond science? Yes, I've experienced it. Do I believe there may be a universal consciousness, perhaps even with purpose? Maybe.

Do I believe there is a human-like god somewhere who has any interest, inkling or relationship with me - one little bundle of cells and moleculse imbued with life for a blink of time? No reason to believe that so far.

As I've said in my blog before, I respect deeply every humanoid's right to believe whatever they choose to (until it harms others), but I don't have to respect their beliefs. I reserve the right to be skeptical or even challenge those beliefs.

Yikes - a rambling rant. Apologies...
It´s funny, I´m nomianlly Catholic, and I´m a member of AI, and I know my local pastor well enough to know he probably would argue against the Pope too, the Church is not democratic in design, and therefore, the Pope potentially could be alienating millions of people from the Church, rather than alienating people from AI
God is not willing to do everything, and thus take away our free will and that share of glory which belongs to us.
Hey gary, I haven't been over here in forever and just wanted to say Hi. As for the post I have a condition the doctors call "mentally retarded" and I'm unable to process the depth of your thoughts, but you still rock!
congratulations on making it into the globe and mail book review - good dubious fact too.
Very entertaining. Though I wouldn't be so hard on the catholics. If I were a Christian I'd be catholic. At least they have some structure to their beliefs!
Ba doozer - you're way smarter than you let on sister! But it gets you by to play dumb I think.

Thanks Kyle, when are you going to post some more photos?

Octavian - being a catholic or any other superstition will not serve your Informationalist soul well. Now, the rituals are different! Am I the only guy that loved Latin and strong incense?
Hi Gary!

The effective spread of christianity and its centre in Rome has not so much to do with Jesus and the apostles as it does with Emperor Constantine, a superstitious, totalitarian warmonger who would appease any diety that he believed would give him the edge over his enemies in Europe, Africa and Asia. He 'converted' and then 'converted' his army in turn before going to war.

He won and conquered the civilized world as it was then known, the Holy Roman Empire. I wonder what if he'd lost.

That's not to say the teachings of Jesus are worthless - they're not - but, unfortunately, a lot of selective censorship and revision has taken place since his time.

I'm going to check out your musical friend.

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