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Monday, October 15, 2007

Call the US mercenaries to account

What a world!

There about 180,000 US troops in Iraq, without a chance of leaving the place less of a mess than when they arrived. There are also, by some accounts, more than 120,000 private security personnel. Such as the Blackwater dudes who killed a number of civilians a few weeks ago...Private military contractors are now a $120 billion dollar, global industry.

These guys have the guns and ammo, the armoured vehicles and the body armour. They get paid to protect all sorts of politicos and business folks. What they don't have is the same accountability as a soldier.

Geneva Conventions? Not us!

Military justice? Not us!

US civil or criminal law? Hell no, not us!

Iraqi law? Not if we can get out of town quickly!

Apparently, when they get injured or killed, the individual mercenary doesn't get the care and reimbursement promised to them either. Who gets the good deal out of this industry? Corporate interests of course.

If you're American and want to send a message to your government, check this site out TAKE ACTION

Check this out on Blackwater

You have to admit these subcontractors are handy guys to have around, just like the contractors engaged to look after the prisoners flown off to far off locations for interrogation away from the prying eyes of organisations like Amnesty that have the gall to expect human rights to be upheld.

They used to say the Broadway musical is all about the money, if you can’t make money, you can’t make it. If the military occupation can’t win the war on terror it seems you use subcontractors, if you can’t win security by war, throw the rule books out the door and subcontract it out, but I think it’s the thin end of the wedge, time is running out.

Best wishes
I agree completely. The idea of Blackwater has made me nervous ever since I first heard about it. I will take action to ensure that, if we must have an army, that it is accountable to the people!
By the end of the empire the army of Rome was an army of mercenaries. What was it they said about those who don't learn from history?

I shudder at the idea of who will be coming home from this war.
I've posted and protested about Blackwater before the civilians were killed.

Their background is scary.
Even the name, Blackwater, sounds oily. I wouldn't drink it.
Well, I don't really think it may have success.

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