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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ahhh Aspen - wondering your way to Montreal...

My young friend, Aspen Switzer, is moving - both herself and her career. She leaves any day now to live in Montreal for a while. She'll perform, probably record and will make many people happy. Here is a song from her last CD. I live in the same narrow valley of which she sings. Bonne chance Aspen! (There's a great song posted in my September archives also.)

Beautiful voice - lovely lyrics.
Hi Gary, thanks for visiting my blog! This you tube video provides a perfect relaxing soundtrack to your blog. I've got it playing while a read your reflections. Love the cloud pic! Cheers- RB
I remember that other song. Good stuff! Best of luck to that girl!
Her voice is very sweet. :) Thanks for sharing!

Listening to the song and day dreaming.... - Vee
Hi Gary
Very Nice lyrics and a relaxing pleasing style. The instrumentation was also excellent and I could imagine the delights of Nelson and its surrounds. How long have you lived there? No doubt she appreciates the support of the local Nelson community.

I just read your previous post and commented. Its evident your landscape shapes warm lyrics and reflections.

Best wishes
Thanks Beth, Scarlett and Vee.

Rachael and Lindsay, this may be the first time a father/daughter team has commented on one of my posts. Thanks to both.

Lindsay, I've lived here 18 years - it's a community full of music (including a well-known school for musicians).
She's part of the trio that sang an a capella version of Landslide, right? She's got a killer voice, very pure. I hope she stays true to her roots. :)
It's exciting that she will be moving to Montreal. Best wishes to her for a long, prosperous career.

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