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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Across the Universe...of brilliant films

Okay, I don't have any idea why the local theatre was filled with teenagers... and me (maybe a handful of others over 20).

After all Across the Universe is a movie with 35 Beatle songs performed in part or whole. It takes place in the turbulent sixties, with a storyline that incorporates politics, drugs, sex, sexual identity, Vietnam, psychedelia and rock and roll. Where were the rest of you Boomers?

My rating: Somehow Director Julie Taymor manages to put something forward that is visually stunning (don't miss the army induction number), musically vivid, original and has a compelling (if simple) plot. The performers are talented and well cast (watch for Sexy Sadie...who is). Yes, there are characters named Lucy, Jude, Prudence, Sadie and Maxwell, but it works. Yes, there are a couple of annoying celeb cameos and a slow stretch here and there, but I'm going to wait a week or two and see it again.

On a more personal note, I experienced many of the 'themes' of the film when I was a young man, including war protests turned violent and the amazing rise of hope and idealism that quickly fell, tempered by reality. I was moved to tears a couple of times in the film - and not the romantic bits.

Okay, I might know why the young people filled the theatre. There are extremely attractive and talented young performers to gawk at - and can you beat 35 Beatle songs in one place?

Watch the trailer, see the film and if you have, what did you think?

I remember being in a number of different places during that time span - western Europe, then back to Canada - Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver (where we stretched out the decade a few more years). It was all about particular events and nobody participated in all of them but there was a shared experience which we continue to share with each other and with the young people we are lucky to know.

btw: would you please get rid of the word verification? I always have to do it at least twice since it reminds me too much of acid days :-)
I watched the trailer, sounds like fun!
About wordverification:
I had mine off for months now without getting spam except for one individual who grossly abused it as annonymous at first - and when I turned to registerd-blog owner posting only, he then posted as Jo.
But I put an end to it after I gave this psychopath his own post. Now there is peace.
If he should show up again, I will follow through with legal procedures, simply had it with his grotesque insults and lies.
Anyhow, wordverification works in a short timeline only, then it wants a new combination. So if you have to ponder, your out of luck...
What I sometimes do is put a random garble in first and wait for the new combo to arrive and not even try to get it right the first time.
I can't wait to see this film. I grew up listening to the Beatles. Also, even if there weren't many boomers in the audience, I think it is great that teenagers were there to see it. Expose the next generation to the last generation of truly great music, and all that.
Haven't seen the film - yet. Loved the trailer and your review.
The younger generation seems to be taking an interest in the Beatles (judging from this household) - perhaps that partially explains the young (well, younger...) viewing audience you found yourself with?
Thanks for the great review...will try to see it...hopefully in English!
I could not see the vidoe, it kept hanging and stopping and messing around...so I finally gave up.
But your description reminds me of "braveheart"..(Mel Gibson)somehow.
I watched it recently , for the Nth time i guess...
I'll catch hold of the film though.
And btw, i never got around to say thanx for dropping in my page.
So thanx.And take care.
Gary, I have been tagged with a meme and I quite randomly tagged you. Being somewhat less than enthusiastic about memes in general, I will completely understand if you ignore my request to follow up on my tag. But, since this has the potential of being at least moderately fun, I hope you'll consider it. By the way, I've been sharing your piece from September on Stephen Lewis and am getting an amazing response.
I will keep my eye out for it; I agree the Beetles composed some of the best music!
It was all McCartney and Lennon with just the occasional contribution from Harrison.
Best wishes
I'm trying to be open minded about it ..
I'm not a big beatles fan..but only because all my sisters are..( i rebel in the STUPIDEST ways)
I love The Beatles but I hear that Bono is affiliated with this move in some way, which is why I haven't brought myself to go see it yet. I reaaaally hate bono.
I haven't heard of the movie, but the trailer looks interesting. I'll see if it is playing nearby.

What's interesting is that generation turned out to be so conservative. The whole sex/drugs/rock and roll thing got lost as they grew up. What happened?
Susan and Zee - the word verification is really to trip up old acid heads. If it even comes close to spelling a word, I know they're just sitting there saying "Oh Wow!".

Good point Beth - yeah, my 17 and 20 year olds have been Beatle fans for a while.

Nomad - it would be fun in German too.

Cinderella, good to see you visiting - bet you're working hard. Braveheart? You must be comparing based on compulsion to watch it again...a lot less head and limb chopping in the Beatles flic. (I liked Braveheart too though).

Myopia (John) - enjoyed your list and hope to get to this - I'm pretty bad at being a tagee or tagger.

Cynnie - see it before your sisters and taunt them...

M - yeah, I'm a little tired of Bono too - he plays a Ken Kesey type character, but only for one scene.

Seraphine - I'm not sure the whole generation is conservative as many countries (including Canada) did develop social democracies in the last 40 years and more liberal societies around sexual identity, race, gender etc. (not that we're done). But yes, some of we old hippies don't like to look in the historical mirror...although we do love to reminisce!
Looks sad.
Scarlet - it isn't really sad, as it has a rather satisfying ending. Although the 60's, the Beatles, the whole era...can be sad, can't it?

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