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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it spring yet?

Have a look at this webcam, from Kootenay pass, not far from where I live. If you look every once in a while, by January you'll see a wall of snow about 15 feet high. It snows in these mountains!

On Friday I drove west over the Paulson Pass, and plowed through snow for the first time this year (it was sunny and dry at valley bottom).

I can't think of a better nation to be born into than Canada. Freedom, affluence, natural beauty, space, diversity, social democracy - nice. But this winter thing is bad karma for me. I know it's beautiful and crisp and clean and all that. But I think a few weeks of snow and cold weather would do me fine, but we get oh, about 4 or 5 months of the stuff.

Places I have wintered that aren't here: France (4 times), Sudan, Israel, India, Florida, California and Greece. I've been going to La Manzanilla Mexico for at least a week or two the last few years... and will go for almost a month in late December.

I know some people can't wait for snow and love to ski and board and revel about in their many layers of clothing. I respect them deeply. For me, a long flat beach or a rolling desert horizon work better.


Do you have room for my daughter and I?

Seriously, I'm not joking. This place is going to Hell so fast Satan is busting out the cots to make room.
I love snow, but not well enough to move back into snow country now that I've left. If I move anywhere else, it'd be to a tropical island, where it never snows and I can wear as little as possible.
the beach sounds good to me!!
Snow was definitely more appealing when I was a child. I could spend hours playing in it. Now, other than the visual enjoyment, it basically means shoveling and bad road conditions.
I envy you your travel history.
I agree with you Gary. While I wasn't born in Canada, I'm very happy to be a Canadin citizen. I admire this country a lot.

By the way, we really shouldn't be complaining about winter should we? I'm worried about it in fact. Due to global warming etc.etc. Fall is still not here properly. Many trees still have all their leaves. While colours have changed, there's still a lot of greenery around than there has been from when I first came. So I wish Winter would come and Mother Nature would tell us all is right again and things are in their natural order, but I don't think that's going to happen.

ok, I've rambled enough. - Vee
Ok, having now looked at the webcam, I ammend it to read we Ontarians should not complain... :)
It's not fair only you
get to be Canadian.
Can I be Canadian too?
I traded snow in Ontario for rain in Vancouver, then rain in Vancouver for snow in New England, then snow in New England for rain in Portland. Is there some kind of pattern here?

The month in the sun sounds good and I remember the pictures from last year. Hope you have a good time.
Fairlane - hang in there man, they need you. But come visit if you'd like!

Seraphine - I'm with you on the tropical island as the place to be. As for being Canadian - look into it!

Beth and Vee, Toronto's about the same climate as valley bottom here - hovers around zero and then a storm now and then.

Susan, yes there is a pattern! Snow-rain-snow-rain-snow-rain and so on... but I bet you stay in Portland - it's so effing cool there.
I'm very fond of Canada as you know but if I'd wanted snow, I would have stayed where I was born - upstate New York.

Been meaning to tell you I loved the book and so did the two friends I've loaned it to so far.

Thank you.
I wouldn't mind the snow, but here in Vancouver it's rainy, wet, dreary, grey, drizzly, windy, did I mention rainy?

That beach in Mexico looks utterly wonderful. Do you have room for one more? Moi, for instance? Heh.
I like a couple good snows but don't really get them here anymore. 4-5 mos. though would definitely get old quick!
For some reason Gooble gobbled me out of the loop when I tried to post yesterday, or it was my ISP ... who knows.
Anyway, in essence the post was to be such: Do they have work down there in Mexico, sort of on the sideline, just to come up with a bit of cash? If so, I'll bring down my pickup truck and a bunch of tools and join you for the evening cocktails ...
I used BabelFish for the first time to translate your page, it's actually not that bad ... just very, very funny at times.
Granny - glad you liked the book.

Josie (and others) - I'd be happy to tell you all about getting to La Manzanilla and happy to be the host if you come when I'm there! A bloggers convention on the beach?

Zee, I don't know about working in La Manzanilla, there are lots of houses and other things going up, some by gringos. I'll look into it when I'm there. You can check out the message board here I'm taking some consulting work along to pay the bills...emails from the local bar and coffee shop mostly.

Cool profile photo man!
I like different seasons, but toward the end of each, I start wishing it away. It gets too hot here in the summer and too cold in winter. We might have a couple of bad snows, though, and that's all. There may be one day, two at the most, when they cancel school, etc. I like winter clothes the best with sweaters, jackets, and boots.

If you're taking all these other people to Mexico, then you'd better count me in, G!
Start as a human being in this culture, toss in madness, toss in mystical states, toss in being gay, toss in being HIV-positive, toss in religion that assures you God hates you for all of that - and then look me in the eye and tell me you can feel ok about yourself. I dare you. I just dare you.

-Ken Wilber
HI Gary!

Thanks for dropping by.
I like your line..and your blog is great!

You can also check me out at navelgazingagain.blogspot.com

Seems we think alike.

I would love to hear about your 10 monastic years.
PS Is Ken (up there) a friend of yours?

Hope life improves for you Ken!
Scarlet, not sure I'm taking anyone, but will give information to anyone who contacts me. And of course, you and the Jedi would be most welcome. Get your passports!

Welcome Nomad!

I don't know who anonymous is, but Ken Wilber is a thinker/writer and I found him here

If it's you posting Ken - welcome to you too. I think it's someone else.
It is flat-out strange that something--that anything--is happening at all. There was nothing then a Big Bang, then here we all are. This is extremely weird.

-Ken Wilber
Hi Gary
A good posting. I think many of us are in climates that don’t reflect our more recent ancestral backgrounds. Many suffer from allergies as immigrants to lands from which we have not adapted and combined with the effects of modern living we feel out of sorts. Adaptation to extreme weather conditions is difficult; it may not be possible within our inherited genes. Little wonder at times the sunlight lifts our moods, just as the contentment might flow in gazing into a rip roaring wood fire; with safety and warmth; reassuring memories of our dim past.
Best wishes
I'm one of those snow bunnies. It's never cold enough, there's never enough snow. I'm seriously uncomfortable as soon as it's over 50 degrees out. It could be below 20 degrees year round for me. I live in NY State where we get a good winter, but it's no where near enough. 'Just bought the dream house on a mountain top in Vermont last year. We're there every weekend in the winter. It's 5 minutes from ski slopes, and located directly on the VAST snow mobile trails. The house is freezing. It's heaven. Deep in the woods, deep in the snow. No furnace, no cook stove. Just a wood burning stove.

And DSL and a full bar of course. What am I, a savage? ;)
found a nelson webcam
looks chilly
Lindsay - good thinking as always. Yes, I go between the fire-gazing, cabin in the deep woods and longing for the sunshine. Probably goes back aeons to my Scottish and Brit ancestors (not that they got to the tropics much).

Veronica - sounds like you've found your niche and it does sound lovely.

Claire - I have never seen that link myself - it's pretty amazing. And I could point out where I live in the camera's gaze if you wish!

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