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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Best wishes to my Yank (aka American) blogger friends...

Thanksgiving means a lot of things, and there is the nice myth too (natives feeding the starving settlers, who later annihilate them... but let's not go there).

Let me simply wish the very best of the holiday to you - love, family, food, friends, fine beverages, good stories, memories of those who have died... and stretch pants for dessert. (I didn't mention shopping and football, which may be on your list of things for today.)

Love to you all.

P.S. We have Thanksgiving in October in Canuckland.

gotta do it before the snow flies, eh?
Hey, I'm not sure I want to be called "Yank." Other things you could call me:

Your majesty
Your highness

That king of thing.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, G.
Susan, that must be why it's earlier. Although the natives and settlers here probably worked by consensus and did a potluck...

Scarlet, my dear, my Goddess, your Majesty... I changed the title of the post from Yank to American. I honour you, you feisty gringo.
Happy Non-Canadian Like Thanksgiving Day!!

Or as I like to call it, "Happy Impending Genocide of Native Americans Day."

You know me, I'm a hopeless romantic.
"moo! Moo!!!"

Thanks for visiting me! I like your blog, and I'll be sure and send you some turkey!!!
Hi Gary,
That myth is an interesting piece of information for me...going to learn more about it:)
How are you doing?
Hi Gary,
Thanks for visiting and commenting.

I know all the words to "Every Sperm is Sacred" and have been known to suddenly start singing the refrain. Having been raised Catholic, it's the least I could do!
"If a sperm is wasted, God gets quite irate."
Fairlane - I love your consistent reverence for all things sacred.

Nice to see you here Beth.

Abhay my brother! Haven't visited each other for sometime - I'll be over at your place soon. Hope all is well in your interesting life.

Hi Kris - thanks for dropping by.
Hey, you didn't have to change the title! I insist that you change it back this instant and refer to me as Yank now and then.
What's this about wasted sperm?
Doesn't it take about 5000 of those things on average to catch ONE egg?
I figure that if you have an orgasm .....
OK, let's not go there.

Gary, I had wild turkey - it tasted awesome!
The people we congregated with this year have a hunter in their upper (oh no, I almost said sperm hierarchy) - but I didn't.
Anyway, the stuffing was excellent!
Other than that I have nothing more to report.
Scarlet, Scarlet... it's hard to please you. I changed the title to make everyone happy (I hope). You're still a goddess of course.

Zee - happy to hear of your wild turkey and rant away about sperm counting if you must. I believe it's all in reference to the Monty Python post a few down.
Is it wrong to look at your own avatar over and over, and still laugh every time?
Best to you, Gary.

Now, what about that dessert...
Happy Thanksgiving Gary!
Belated thx Gary. I think (of course this is my Canadian conditioning speaking) that T'giving is best to be had two months away from Christmas. I don't know why it isn't.
Is it wrong to look at Fairlane's avatar over and over and scratch your head and go "huh?" every time?

G, it's not that hard. The books always do it. :)

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