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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First snow...

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I took this photo about 11:00 last night, by opening my bedroom door, aiming quickly and using a flash.

This morning there is about twice as much on the ground. Yes, it's beautiful - it is a blanket of silence, absorbing the rougher sounds of human activity and somehow amplifying the sounds of nature - a clump of snow falling, a bird chirping, a branch cracking. It purifies like a wash of light over a dark landscape.

It's also useful to clump into balls and throw at other people, preferably from behind.

Alas, now I have to shovel my drive so a collegue can make it in for a meeting (I work from home).

I love the complete silence
of snow falling at night.
Don't you dare get any
of that snow down my back!
So, the child within is revealed. Snowballs from behind? Not playing fair.

Beautiful picture.
I was charmed again recently by the first snow of the year... I love how it highlights ever crease and bump.
I'm still waiting ...
Maybe Sunday, who knows
but when it snows, it shows -
even here!
The only way to really enjoy that much snow (and the rest to come) is to work from home.. and get the food delivered too. What a life, you lucky man. We look forward to the day and maybe a snowball fight from our mutual forts.
just looked at the nelson webcam, very pretty indeed. will have to phone my friends, they have to park on the road as their drive is too steep. then comes all the funny stories of 'I slid back down three times'. ha.
its difficult to enjoy snow in scotland, if we get any its wet horrible stuff.
my kids, especially my eldest who'll be 10 in January complain bitterly about NOT having snow! I tell them that really, it's nice for a few days but it's not fun having to drive through it or plow yourself through it, with a shovel OR walking wise! Naturally, he does not understand that concept, lol. Well, it does look beautiful though, but it also brings back memories of, oh say...moving during a winter blizzard!
Nice pic G-man.

I love snow. It's so quiet. Although I love loud music, I hate all the extraneous noise in this world. It drives my ADD inflicted brain apeshit.
Ohhhh I can't wait for it to snow here! this photo made me crave an Irish coffee. yummmmm cheers Gary.

Pleeeeeeeeeease let me into Canada again :-)
How beautiful. I'm always hopeful.
That's lovely, G.
Seems like a late first snow. Parts of West Texas have already had 8 inches.
I miss the snow. I still can't get used to the sight of Christmas lights with no snow for reflection. Thank you for the photo!
I love your word images, very pretty and poignant.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

I really like your blog and I WOULD love to know more about your monastic life. I am very intrigued by spiritual retreat.

Would you call it a retreat?
I am also interested to know what brought you to live a monastic life. I think lots of people would be interested in this as it is an area and an image that we all know from the outside, but very few from the "other" side.

I love your don't stress post...phew, I definately think you are right on there.

Have a great day!

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