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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Human Writes...

Baker Street, Nelson BC

December 10th is Human Rights Day, the 59th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which incidentally was primarily written by a Canadian, John Humphrey. He had support from Eleanor Roosevelt, and this document is the standard many of us work for worldwide.

In Canada, Amnesty International takes part in a Global Writeathon around this time each year. This year in Nelson, a bunch of us will set up in three coffee shops and get locals to write letters and cards on behalf of various individuals and groups we're working for. Hey, before anyone thinks this is just to feel good or for fun, Amnesty has monitored its Urgent Action letter-writing for years, and knows that in about 30% of the cases, letter campaigns contribute to a positive outcome.

If you're in Nelson this Saturday, drop into Oso Negro, The Kootenay Baker Cafe Co-op or the Vienna Cafe between 2:00 and 5:00. Sip a hot drink and send a hot message off to some thug, dictator or American President (Guantanamo Bay in his case).

Wish I could provide airfare for those of you who can't make it because you live elsewhere in the world - you could always go here and write something anyhow. No pressure of course...

Everything looks so quaint and lovely there. That picture is like a dream or something. I want to live there!

Send airfare!

P.S. You're a great guy. My hero.
I went to the site and chose my subject for the 10th.

What a charming picture - a much needed reminder of how beautiful the winter season can be.
Sadly, I am a long way from Nelson right now (Buenos Aires, of all places, it's this big city in the Southern Hemisphere), and shall not be available for such writing campaigns, however, I shall be sending a few well-chosen words to the injust worldwide; thank you for the link.
I'm sharpening my pencil right now.

btw: beautiful picture
Well Gary,
if written adds have a known success rate of between 2-5%, and AI's letter show a success rate of 30% - well then I guess it is worth my while.
What a wonderfully beautiful place you live. Even the coffee shops and bakeries more sound delicious than anywhere else. You are fortunate to live in such a place.
did you take this picture? You're taunting me with your Canada aren't you? Not very good at letter writing...but can draw cartoons of Bush doing very naughty things with Dick Cheney ;-)
Scarlet - I'll work on that airfare thing!

Hope you're feeling better Beth.

Zee and Susan - write a letter, then visit each other's blogs. I think you'd like that.

Seraphine - this place is pretty special - high on the bohemian meter!

Kathie - no I stole this photo, but it does look like this downtown right now. Have you ever seen the Steve Martin film Roxanne? It was filmed here and the town is the star of the movie.
Andres - I've been enjoying your blog and emails. Take care, be safe and keep soaking up the experiences.
So how was the event - a success I hope?!!
Zee, it's tomorrow and I'll take some photos and report back. Thanks for asking my man.
This won't really have effect, I think so.

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