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Monday, December 10, 2007

Descending into the darkest week...(not my mood)

Let us spray! (Graffiti artist Banksy at work in Bethlehem this week)

I'll be travelling till the 18
th, to Amnesty volunteer work in Ottawa for a few days, then a visit to friends in the Toronto area. It's a busy time and I'll be taking earning-a-living work along to do on planes, trains and late night hotel desks.

I think to make the week interesting, we just might need a little contest - in fact, another haiku contest. Here are the rules (which you're welcome to break as always).

1. Write a haiku that has a seasonal connection...winter, Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever...

2. Aim for this form: first line 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables and third line 5 again.

The exciting thing is there will be a prize - to a winner drawn at random at the end of the week.

To start things off...

Dark sky falls early
Cloak of winter grey silence
Rise from weight of light

Fat man in fast sled
Driven by expectation
Eat those cookies eat

Have fun.

long dark winter night
losing in the future tense
hungry for the Light

Have a good trip and I hope your presents don't freeze out there in the snow :-)
Two – one serious, one festive. (Have I broken the rules already?)

Unique crystal prisms
Swirling, touching skin and tongue
Beneath the veil, peace

Wide eyes eager smiles
Lap, beard and candy beckon
Faith, belief propel

Have a safe trip!
Hi Gary!

I haven't written in quite a while but I am pleased to have given it a go.

I am turning 30 on the longest day of the year and plan for some quietude to celebrate solo.

I hope you have a beautiful trip and I hope I get to see you soon!

season of sharing
quiet and contemplating
beauty in the quiet


Christmas is coming
Yippety fucking doo da
pass the Wild Turkey

Christmas is coming
and I'm already sick of
the Consumerism

Be safe G-man.
Thanks Susan - I left a tree outside ready for my return. It should have a mantle of snow before I get back.

Beth, you break the rules in such a lovely manner.

Dana - enjoy your contemplation on your birthday (Happy Birthday!), then bring your energy into the festivities.

Fairlane - you have touched me so deeply with your spiritual and seasonal insights. I'm sniffling. Really man...
Banksy does it again!
I do what I can, but it's not easy, and it's definitely a thankless job.

Darkest winter ale
Get up and pee half the night
Cold tile bathroom floor
There once was a man
From Nantucket, who-- No! Wait--
Darn! This is haiku...
Hi Mary, glad he's home.

Scarlet - nice image - I keep the slippers next to the bed for just such haiku-like moments.

Progressive - yeah and what rhymes with Nantucket?

Snow on Nantucket
Falling like a limerick
From an Irish tongue
River lost its flow
Trickle now over parched land
Mirage of green tinge

best wishes
PT, you clever dog. That IS a haiku! 5--7--5. I got it.
That Bansky person is all over the place - I start to believe that there are thousands of Bansky's out there, but what do I know...
Save travels Gary, and when you finally go to Mexico, you must take me along - promise??!!??
OK, I forgot to write that Haiku - ahil buoe buackh
Light is contained in
a small petal of the rose.
Humans need light too.
Lindsay - nice contribution and I really like the poems you wrote and posted on your blog.

PT is a clever poet, yes?

Zee, what a great contribution! I wish you luck in the prize draw, but have to be honest, the prize is not a trip to Mexico :(
Mexico is good.
Me drive my pick up truck there,
whenever you wish.

Any price or premium is alright Gary - even the left over Rolaid's from the glove compartment.
I might actually see you there if I get a job in time enough to get me there. Cheap flights are still abundance despite oil prices going through the roof.
electric blanket
hot on dark christmas nights but
not you on cool sheets
To write a haiku
The second line already
Almost finished, then done
Te has suicidado
con el puñal de un sueño
no realizado.
OT: I went to the Nelson webcam and there was a picture of St. Louis (the Arch and downtown) up in the background.

You are the Jedi's favorite person today!
cool stuff "progressive" - just drop "then"!

to write a haiku
the second line already
almost finished, done!

Christ has good options.
Will you give him a chance now?
Time to celebrate.
Zee - you are on a Haiku roll man! And what range you have.

Seraphine - that's a rather romantic little verse there (in that sad way).

PT - did you and Zee collaborate on that one?

Bohemian, I would expect unusual and you delivered. Now to get it translated...

Scarlet, well of course Nelson and St. Louis would have something in common - small world.
Slick blades slice across
outdoor ice, Cub's in the crease
She shoots, she scores. YEA!
season's gluttony
wholistic oblivion
darkening my soul

where are peace, love, joy?
few wise ones are wandering
with gifts not pillage

look to the children
gift them with ancient wisdom
love of man and earth

I like your postings
balm on my soul forever
truth becomes the rule
rain pounding my roof
door slams with windy gusting
can't get out of bed

How's that for a Pacific Northwest feeling?
Happy travels in lands of snow
Wow! This has been fruitful. It's an interesting form isn't it?

Zee - you are a haiku machine... good verse too.

haggis - you are one fine writer for a feline!

grannfiddler - not only haiku but three stanzas that fit so nicely.

Welcome Fran - very nice glimpse of the Pacific Northwest and reminds me why I like to get a southern break now and then in winter :)

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