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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Drumroll please...

Okay, I have made a decision to award two prizes for the amazing response to the haiku fest. Some of you sent multiple entries and some anonymous visitors cut loose. Overall, some silly, course, humourous, touching and beautiful work - you can decide which is which.

This is the box with your names in it (even Haggis, who I happen to know is a cat).

My daughter made this box for
me in her Grade 8 Waldorf School woodworking class and it's sitting on my new IKEA quilt cover. (These are important facts in the grand scheme somehow I'm sure...)

This is my hand reaching for two names.

These are the winners! Congratulations.

I have Susan's mail address and need Lukas to email me his - prizes guaranteed within weeks (and guaranteed not to be seized at the border).

That was fun. Now let's get Christmas over and roll into 2008.

This contest was SO rigged.

Grudging congrats to Susan and Zee.
Congratulations to the winners - all the entries were great. (Okay, mine weren't that great...)
You are an amazing person!
Kudos to you for making life more interesting!
Hi Gary
I think the idea of the Haiku competition is to be commended; contributions are always interesting reflecting what seem to be relaxed different personalities.

Best wishes for Christmas!
What a load of crap
Rigged contests, sentimental
Drivel, Bah Humbug!
never expected
the luck of the draw to strike
a positive note

when all I was doing was wishing you good travels. glad to know you made it back safe and sound. feel free to draw another name.

how about sonnets next time? that could keep everybody occupied on along winter's night.
I love the box.
The haikus were great & fun to read. Grats to the wienners.
Oops, I'm sorry -I put an
extraneous "E" in winners.
Right Seraphine - nicely mis-spelled :)

Susan, you have to accept your prize. Feel free to re-gift it, but you won't want to.

Fairlane and Scarlet - you are such good bad losers - always fun.

Thanks Abhay and Lindsay, two of my favourite gentlemen.

Beth, your work was just fine.
That's something to treasure, isn't it? She did a very good job, too!

I haven't had a chance to visit my favorite blogs lately, so I'm catching up.

I just read your post about the trains. I once took a train from Vancouver to Montreal, and it was wonderful...!

Wow, I'm even good at bad.
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my email is:
but that actually should show up on my profile, I don't know why it wouldn't ...
In any case, greetings and merry everything to you.
All right then all you contestants of Haiku malice, I do accept my price!
And now Gary whispered to my ear, that this price would be a shoe-box, empty - unless you count the three pebbles of goat dung carefully wrapped in silver foil. Those are within.
Without are the gods who declare Merry Christmas and such. So far these gods have not found any irregularities of this rigged Haiku contest.
Until they thunder from the places above in dismay, the situation is such:
you have great handwriting

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