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Friday, January 11, 2008

Time flies like an arrow - fruit flies like bananas... and papayas too

Sunrise in our garden...

Pardon her language, but the bug was THAT big... (click to see larger)

The girls have flown home - I watched them climb the steps to the plane. Then I realized I had no money and the aeroporto bank machine was broken. How to get 40 miles back to the village? I hitched a ride to another village, found a bank machine, then using buses and a cab - home! I deserved a large tequila and lime after than - so had one (or more).

I'm following news a little on the internet, but mostly out of time. I'm working a little too much, but it lets me stay longer.

I'm reading and have made it to the 5th of my 6 books. I may be wandering the streets looking for a trade soon.

Susan sent me The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman, which I thought might be too much of a bummer to read while enjoying the world with us so much. On the contrary! Thank you Susan for a terrific, well-researched, excellently written book. (Okay the chapters on plastic and rubber and oil did bum me out, but it will be so nice 50,000 years from now....without us.)

Hasta luego!

I could live on bananas and papayas. Not the kind you buy at Safeway, those are picked green and have no flavor. I mean the fresh ripe ones you actually pick from the trees.

I wish you had taken a photograph of the bug (although your sign was interesting and exciting).
I'm sure you'll miss the girls since I can see they provided some entertainment. Yikes! Nevertheless, a giant bug now and then might be well worth the climate and the beautiful surroundings.

Funny, but true that when you don't keep up with the news nothing much out of the ordinary happens unless it's something you just need to deal with (like a giant bug in the bathroom).

Last weekend the weather was so nasty in Portland the pigeons flew south. Glad you liked the book :-)
Seraphine, I would have photographed the bug but needed to use the toilet more and couldn't do anything till it was back in the jungle. We're talking spill-off-a-serving-spoon bug here! As for the bananas, papayas, pineapples, limes and avocados here - they are fresh and yummy.

Susan, sorry to hear the weather is lousy up there. I'm not someone who revels in how crappy it is back home when I'm in a dry tropical paradise (yuk yuk... whoops, sorry!)
This just emphasizes the point I made in my recent post, and by that I mean, there are bugs, and then there are "realy big fucking" bugs. You need the right words to make people understand the latter.
Hey Gary,

A couple of friends and I are flying into Puerto Vallarta next month and were thinking that we might head to la Manzanilla. Any suggestions on places to stay. A quick look on the internet and it seems like most of the guest houses are booked. Are there any small hotels?

Nice photos btw.

Great note! I love how the "Good Morning" finally makes its way in there...
Hey Kyle,

There probably are some guest houses not online, but most probably are booked. I'm staying in one with a good sized living area and kitchen, bedroom with king sized bed and nice bathroom. Patio and spiral staircase to the roof too. I think they aren't too booked because they are off the net right now. About 3 blocks from the downtown and the beach - ocean view. I sound like a realtor!

Email me if you want the contact info. Otherwise, Hotel Posada de Tonales is pretty nice - across the street from the beach and central.
Beth - yes, my friend's daughter is well-spoken... as well as a good curser. So the 'good morning' was essential.
Why do I get the feeling you're not going back home until the ice melts? Or are you passionate about wherever you are?
Imagine what that "big fucking bug" told his family and friends.

"I was trying to take a leak, and this Big Fucking Bug waltzes in, and traps me beneath a cup! We've have to move to a nicer neighborhood."
Sera - I'd stay till the ice melts if I could - it's that damn earning a living thing...and yes, I usually am pretty into whatever place on the planet I am. At the very least, it's all interesting. Usually there is beauty also.

Fairlane - man! You would take the effing bug's point of view. I should have captured it and mailed it to you.
Notice how he totally ignores my comment. And don't get me started on Fairlane....
Did somebody say something???
That was cruel - The 'did somebody say something?'. Of course I didn't ignore your comment Scarlet - I was just reading and re-reading it and meditating on it before daring to respond.

But I will respond now.


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