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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Canadian humour 101

Some say Canadian humour is rich because we have the yuk-it-up American humour on one side - the put-down humour, scatalogical, sophmoric humour and the sometimes brilliant humour such as Mark Twain or George Carlin. And then we have the British piece hovering over our shoulders... with the reserved self mockery, wacky tangential skits and bending of gender, class and anything else stuck in the mud. Think Monty Python and these days (google away), think THE MIGHTY BOOSH.

So you get a list that includes people like Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dave Foley, Samantha Bee, John Candy, Norm Macdonald, Leslie Nielsen, Michael J. Fox, Tom Green and Dan Aykroyd. Even Lorne Michaels, Saturday Night Live producer... yup, Canadian. And then there's SCTV, Kids in the Hall and more. Jeez, even William Shatner's Canadian - and that guy is funny.

This post isn't funny is it? Okay we also have a guy named Rick Mercer, with a weekly show where he makes us laugh, while skewering any sacred cows or tofu which may be left standing. Here's a taste of Rick's Rant, a weekly segment on his show. (Thanks to Beth for reminding me to check in on Rick again.)

A good analysis of Canadian humor. Interesting points.
Watching the Rick Mercer show and reading his blog give you a dose of Canadian politics - with some laughs. A great way to take it all in!
kind of makes you hope for a revitalization of the rhino party, dinnit?
kind of makes you hope for a revitalization of the rhino party, dinnit?
Ahah! Time for calling a new election in Canada at last and a chance to dump Harper sounds good to me and I don't even know who the opponent is.

How about having Rick Mercer start the Funny Party and he can establish his Cabinet with Canadians who ran off to Hollywood.. except for William Shatner.
Ah, yes, Canada does indeed produce the best Canadians.

Check this out. More Rick Mercer.

You can click on the pictures along the bottom and have a good chuckle.
Interesting post Gary -Canadians are good guys when it comes to humor, but in Nelson, BC maybe there more of an English flavor or to it, of python or faulty towers ?

Best wishes
Scarlet, very pointed comment.

Beth, yes, he's pretty good.

Grannyfiddler, I loved the Rhino Party! I once asked for a sign to put on my lawn (they ran a candidate in my riding). They charged me for the sign and our candidate's entire campaign was something like, ELECT ME AND I PROMISE TO RESIGN.

I like the Funny Party idea a lot Susan. I can see Jim Carey in the opposition benches, making great faces.

Thanks Josie.

Lindsay, you're right about Nelson by the way - we even have an annual authentic (and crazy) British Panto show.
we didn't have a rhino party candidate, but i added it to my ballot and put an 'x' next to it anyway.
You left out "Strange Brew" you hoser.

"Luke, it's me your father. Turn to the Darkside you nob."
I get British humor.
I understand American humor.
But Canadian humor?
I rather thought that
was the way Canadians
were all the time.
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Oops. Wrong self, there.

Thanks Gary! It's been too long since I've seen Rick Mercer! I feel much more Canadian now.
A great look at Canadian humour and an enjoyable read. You hoser.

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