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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Striking a blow for hope....

Our local Amnesty International group just completed our annual Filmfest. We screen documentaries from around the world, that focus in some way on issues related to human rights. Some of them are pretty grim because they expose the depth of 'human wrongs'. Last night we saw a film that I would rate as one of the best I've seen this year (all genres). It was War Dance and is up for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Check out the website and by all means, see it if you can. With this admitedly receptive audience there were tears, laughter, cheers and applause, and solemn silence...

Have a look at the theatrical trailer if you like (below).

Thanks Gary - it's great to see a film that shares the beautiful side of an African country(not only the conflict, famine, disease). It's a magical place with diverse and interesting people, culture and innovation. I am sorry to have missed the film but hopefully I catch it another time. Sending sunny afternoon greetings from Rossland :-)
Thanks Michelle... and yes, stereotypes about Africa (Uganda in this case) abound. So nice to break free and enter the human world.
The trailer itself was powerful and inspiring.
The line, "I am more than a child of war," was particularly moving.
When hearts burst with love and hope blessings rain down on parched earth.
I loved the trailer. Thank you for sharing that.
I'm almost scared to see it.
Music, the universal language of humans...
Music might be the universal
language, but the circle of
keys still confuses me. I'm
not tone deaf, I just have
a bad musical vocabulary...
What a wonderful movie. Thanks for bringing it to our notice Gary. :)
Not showing in our neck of the woods yet. Looking forward to it. (I've been obsessed with these sorts of films of late.)

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