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Friday, January 25, 2008

Some now-I'm-home-ramblings...

Early Beginner Spanish class in La Manzanilla (me in black shirt, a gift from PT - you know who you are...)

One kilometre from town - camera in hand...

I'm back home now, followed a logging truck into town, as you can see...

I was only in Mexico for a few weeks but it was enough to enjoy it and to reflect a little on life as I know it day to day here. Let's put it this way, when one of my clients let me know this week that they won't use my work the next few months, I was delighted. I think I need to look for ways to swim upstream against the current of busy-ness and pressure that exists even here in alternative and slightly stoned Nelson. There! Maybe next year a couple of months in Mexico.

I've begun making the blog rounds today and feel like I'm popping in on friends for tea (okay maybe ale at one house in St. Louis and maybe whisky with that sculpter in New York). Anyhow, I don't like the pressure I sometimes impose on myself to blog, but do enjoy the connections.

Did I write that I won a canoe in an SPCA raffle? Got the call just before Christmas. When I went to the shelter to get my coupon I damn near came home with Hamish, an eldery, long, black dog with three inch legs and a little beard. He was grieving for a dead mistress and looked like he could use some scratching ... maybe a canoe ride too.

Look, I did title this 'ramblings' - check somone else's blog if I'm boring you.

Political: The US election is interesting. Don't be fooled into thinking they're all alike. Do you think Al Gore would have given us what George Bush did? Pick wisely and maybe the sanity-pendulum will swing north. Canadians have been polled and would pick any of the Democrats over any of the Republicans - 4 to 1!

Canada: Our government won't ask the US to close the Guantanamo Bay Gulag, even though France is demanding justice for the one Canadian prisoner there, who was 15 when captured. Good old Stevie Harper - let's hope he goes down as the above-noted pendulum swings. We might have an election this spring.

I read 8 books on my trip - just ask if you want to know more.

I'm still rambling...

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You seem to be more relaxed. I guess the proposition of a few months in exchange for a few weeks next year couldn't harm you a lot!
Tonight I'm drinking Bombay Dry Gin - whiskey cabinet is empty. But yes, things are going well here, not prosperous, but well. I believe the most awesome thing is the people I work with (two other guys). They are hilariously funny at times and also can get dead serious if needed.
Life is good.
I definitely want to know more about the books. And do come by for ale! I would be thrilled.

Great shirt!
Welcome back and please feel free to drop in for tea whenever you like. Although we do keep beer around for the summer months (have 4 of last 6 pack in fridge) I have to admit I can't drink anymore. 1 beer = 2 hour nap.
Hi Gary!

Welcome back, and YES would love to hear what you have read..

Always looking for a good read...
Where's the bug?
Welcome home. Logging trucks scare me. I imagine them losing their log load, so you're wise staying way behind them.
It's a relief to me to finally be home after a long vacation. No matter how sad it is leaving paradise, home is where the heart is.
It's odd you talk about pressure. You've barely unpacked your travel bags. Write everything you need to do on a post-it, and lose the post-its. Psychologically, it will feel like a job well done. The things that need doing will still be there tomorrow, and the day after that. Work expands to the time allotted for it.
Zee, you look good, sound good and seem positive. Good!

Scarlet and NOmad, I'll post something about some of the books.

Susan. How about tequila? I find it wakes me up... for a while.

Fairlane. I mailed the bug to you - it should be there anyday! Just look in the envelope that says IRS.

Seraphine - that is really great advice and you're very perceptive. My first post and I note stress. I think it's because I'm sensitive to needing to not get into the ruts I tend to. I'll try the post-its.
Welcome back - I enjoyed your "ramblings." That's a fun kind of post to read.
... so what is it, 5/7/5 for the haiku?


Won and will become
prosperous under this sun
price will be send soon.
Hi Gary
Welcome back home, arriving as it would seem in a somewhat good frame of mind, even though you remained I note aloof to the pleas of one canine companion
On yet another happy note Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd's has informed us, that the Steve Irwin , following the realease of the hostages by the Yushin Maru No. 2 continues to uphold international conservation law in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary and I am happy to report that in the last 13 days, no whales have been killed by Japanese harpoons. Dont worry that's my last comment about it !

Having read 8 books I can only marvel at your ability to consume at such a rate !

Local politics, no doubt Harpers no longer a Howard man, unless he wants to loose his seat!! That style of opportunism and right wing politics thank goodness is coming to an end
Best wishes
It would have taken everything out of me not to have taken Hamish home! And if nothing else, given him a little canoe ride!

It's always hard to come home after a long trip. Give yourself time to unwind, and after you've done so, come back here and tell us what books you read. :-)
Thanks Beth.

Nice verse Zee - you da artiste!

Lindsay, I have an interesting biography on Paul Sheppard, written by a man I met in DC many years ago. I admire his bigger-than-life persona and work on behalf of whales (and other life). Dont' stop writing about him.

Nova, thanks and I'm glad you're blogging more again. I've put your blog on my role.
Nelson loooks chilly, think Mexico would appeal to me more right now.
but I always like to come home, its a good feeling.

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