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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hey, no complaining down there my Yankee friends!

The primaries are interesting. Some might say it's a football game with 18 quarters or a baseball game with 31 innings or such, but I say Americans are fortunate in that they get to watch these candidates speak, squirm, defend, explain and work their butts off - and actually get to know something about them. Up here in reasonable and oh-so-nice Canuckland our political parties do it all in a relatively closed process that most of us watch the final few hours of on television (if that). We have boring white guys in suits, with the exception of Elizabeth May, our Green Party leader, who I'm hoping to see elected.

I'm as cynical as the next humanoid, but I'm feeling some hope in the Land of the Free (or at least the lowest price possible). If I was living there, I think I'd hitch my horse to someone (Obama probably) and get to work. There is hope in the air as well as hype.

What do you think?

Hoping for Obama, but it looks rather like a Clinton/Obama ticket this fall.
Burns down to this:
If Obama gets the nomination for the Dems, what group of people will vote for McCaine?
The same is to be said about Clinton.
It's a tricky business with only a two party system.
Do you read Rick Mercer's blog? His latest post compares the U.S. election process with ours. Your post reminded me of his.

The excitement (and hope) from our south of the border friends is catching. I'd be voting for Obama.
Being the cynical sort (I know, I know it is unbelievable, but play along), I worry that the "Hope" is nothing but "Hype."

The Democrats of today in the United States are the Wingnuts of Yesteryear.

I "hope" you are correct, however.
Interesting comments.

Seraphine - I know we're all wondering, but do you think either of them would accept second spot?

Zee - maybe with the Republicans self-destructing and the Bush failure, the nation is ready to go beyond race and gender.

Beth - I haven't looked at Mercer's blog but will! He's so funny... and insightful.

Fairlane - you a cynic???? You do have a certain true love thing in one post and you do believe fully in skewering everything false... you're no cynic. Hype is there for sure, but the old 'who will be worse?' question is worth asking too. More of the Republicans? Yuck.
I'm a big Clinton fan, both Bill and Hillary. I'm already tired though of the rat race of politics. I wish we all could just vote already without the dog and pony show.
I think so. Clinton/Obama would be a very powerful draw for American voters.
I'm not certain Hillary would take second chair on an Obama/Clinton ticket however.
I'm still in mourning over John Edwards. most of the candidates speaking, squirming, defending, and airing-of-dirty laundry (being aired) is of the Democrats. Big media is all owned by fat-ass republicans. So republicans naturally are portrayed as Saints on the boob tube. There was one exception; that unbelievable little tidbit of the whore/war-monger GOP debating who supports the war more.
Luckily nobody pays much attention to the "boob tube" anyway.
Whining is that national past-time, I'll have you know.

I surprised myself by making sure I voted in the primary this time around. In the past, that hasn't been a priority for me. I guess I was a bit more excited about the possibilities?
You wicked, wicked man.
I thought I was for Clinton. But turns out I'm for Obama.
long time no blogging.. well, not browsing or posting myself.
I have to tell you, (this Canadian, not even by birth but by choice..) that I told my (American) husband that if Obama became President, I'd apply for citizenship. On the whole, the two party system sucks and I am a big believer is a combined libertarian/Independents/Progressive Democrats/moderate Reps 'revolution' would/could lead to a federal clean up of sorts. No two party but more than that. Getting rid of special interests by way of electoral and campaign reform that none of the two party people will touch with a ten foot pole. First everyone needs to get together realizing that they have a bottom line commonality. Yep, I'm working on that strategy right now hehe. Anyhoo.. no worries..I'd still be Canadian. Dual citizenship how nice.
Anyway..I better go back to the sick child that's been couped up..I'd rather give her the heave ho and make her go to school but barking coughs don't look too good now do they???
take care Gary..I'd love to go canoeing in BC one day in one of the many pretty lakes in the mountains..sigh..someday perhaps..

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