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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's grey and cold - time for Python...

Okay, some un-named blogging friends have been making fun of Canadians (go here). I say it's nothing more than health-care envy or perhaps it's an unfulfilled longing to be a lumberjack. Eric Idle - 'take it away!' (live at the Hollywood Bowl)

What does it say about me that I know the words to this song? And sang along as the video played?
Hey Gary!! Thanks for visiting me!!!

and I hate snow, so Canada is out for me...sorry! ;)
It's health care envy.

Have I proposed to you lately?
Beth 1 - it says you have a good sense of humour (and maybe suspenders in your closet).

Beth 2 - well, you can at least visit by internet...

Scarlet - I don't think you have dear.
I've got a passport - a Canadian one - and I might just bring my friends along.. crullers or not. Do you think one passport will work for about 200 people?

signed 'In Need Of Expert Opinion'
you know, i know all about this song, but i've never before seen the original.... had it playing when my boss came by my desk and we both had a belly laugh.... but Redwoods and Sequoias???

great winter blues buster, as was the haiku you left @ my blog. thanks.

my son and his buddies did the Full Monty for the annual talent show in Dawson City YT a few years ago.... nearly got themselves barred from Diamond Tooth Gertie's for life, but they made the front page of the newspaper.
My mum guest taught at the University of BC last summer and said it was gorgeous. I'd really like to make a trip there someday. The weather is mild here in Flanders, but all the greenery is gone so it's still very grey.

And thank you for stopping by my blog. I like having fresh perspectives on my day/life.
nice blog, added to favorites =)
It's the lumberjack thing. There's something about flannel shirts and waffles I find sexy.
Good one ... I haven't seen this before.

Thanks for dropping by my corner of the world - the way you described my blog made my day!

I'm just wending my way through 'Late Nights on Air' - what a good read. I like the way you described the book.
Susan - we can dig a tunnel from your place to mine - the new underground railway!

Grannyfiddler - maybe your band can perform this song with a little help from the pub patrons.

Lilacspecs...yes, BC is beautful, with a rather pretentious license plate slogan THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH. Some would agree though...

Sera - waffles? Come visit and I will serve you waffles on plaid.

Kate, thanks for visiting and if anyone would like to see a lovely blog, text photos and love the earth and its plants...visit Kate.

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