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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Noon today, from the patio...

It's still winter, but spring is in the air. It comes quickly in this valley, once it hits, with buds bursting into leaves, flowers poking their noses out of the cold earth, birds returning to madly nest and mate, and the streets of Nelson fill up with people smiling.

Okay, that's my take - my friends who ski or board are already smiling and they will be racing along in brilliant warm sun today. Our ski hill is about 45 minute out of town - those of you who ski should look at these photos of
Whitewater. I'll take reservations!

Okay, a question for you. Everything that begins, has an ending. Everything with a birth has a death. (That's just to set the oh-so-serious stage for the question...)

Now the question:
Where do you find inspiration or motivation in your life?

Oooh that is a VERY good one...

Can I think about it?

I do have a question for you tho, have you ever written about your monastic experience?

I am intensely curious.

Why did you end up there, what did you learn and why did you leave, and how did you adjust back into the "world"?

Do you ever want to go back, what are the big differences that you feel about your life "here" and your life "there", and what is the political climate like "inside"?
Can you leave? Are there secrets and legacies?

See told ya, I am VERY curious...!

Please don't fell compelled, just cause I asked does not indicate answers...it IS a lot of questions... just wondering.

I will give your question some thought and I will try to write about it on navelgazingagain.
I think I find the most inspiration through creativity, my own or others. I feel inspired by literature, art, music, movies, etc. It's hard to explain. Sometimes even something as simple as creating a little graphic in Paint Shop Pro can energize me. Or hearing my kids making up stories. I guess it's the human mind at work that really inpires me?
Hey Gary,

I had to come check out your place after your visit to mine.

It looks like you live in heaven! I've only been to B.C. once and I really liked it.

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE! Nature, the human spirit, music, learning new things...

Regarding monasteries - I will be staying at one for a week next month. A week of mostly silence. Looking forward to that!
Gary, I find inspiration through nature. I've become more attuned to the cycle of birth and death, endings and new beginnings and I find it all interesting. I guess when you have that frame of mind, you're able to find motivation to make the most of your life. Nature shows you... there's a new morning at the end of each night. Life goes on :)
Inspiration is absolutely not a "thing out there" to grasp, covered by stimulus of any of these circumstances: art, nature, science and even human one to one experiences (that thing they all call love).
I get it from two sources. One is this, that if I can be quiet within myself and thus be able to embrace a new task, I will do so with enthusiasm. The other one is pressure.
Give me a deadline and I will work it out. Enthusiasm and inspiration created by force.

I'll give you an example of "forced" inspiration.
My daughter does a fund raising thing for her senior class trip. So there is this "art-auction" for a fund raiser.
What the heck am I supposed to do?
So tomorrow I will take my chain saw and pre-carve a maple sculpture for the auction. "Inspiration" will be part of it.
Where will it come from? I don't know!
I know your question about "inspiration" was placed differently, but Gary - the search will go on.
Nomad, I will work on something that I'm comfortable to post. Email me if you'd like something sooner. Good questions. My question to you: What is driving your intense curiousity?

Thanks for visiting Carol - do you find inspiration in things that are more challenging too? How do you relate to pain and injustice for example. Just wondering... because you seem so positive and clear.

Vee - as the animal lover that you are, that makes good sense.

Zee - I agree, much of my motivation comes from things required of me... then I find inspiration as I tackle them.

Scarlet - me too. I find beauty in many creative forms... and that moves me. I also find it in children.
Hello, Gary.
I suppose the honest answer would be:
Wherever I can get it

although the answer:
At most unexpected junctures
would be equally accurate.

You ask the hard questions! Thank you!

I'm clear on the fact that I'm not positive and clear - but working on the clarity part. Not worried about the positive part.

Yes, pain and injustice have definitely been known to inspire me. I'm learning to let them change and deepen me instead of feeling I need to always react to them. Things are much more peaceful that way!
In a word - discontent.
Waking from a good nap.

Sitting in sunshine.

Staring at the night sky.

Again, waking from a good nap!
PS - I'm just as curious as Nomad about your monastic life!
YES! ANOTHER comment from me.

Your comment on my blog made me chuckle. --Thanks for not telling my mom! =)
PT - oh, I like that a lot, especially the second bit. Often I'm affected by the unexpected.

Carol, I understand your work is around peace and communications (a la Rosenberg). I admire that work.

Susan. That's a powerful word, I assume you mean that discontent drives you to feel, think and act?

Sarah - nice to have you visiting... and you have the best shoes on my blog - for sure! I'm pleased that your mom is doing well.
Sarah - you get inspiration day and night that way... bet you find something in sunsets and sunrises too.
Inspiration and motivation for me is from life itself; the sense of wonderment as to why and how we should exist at this point of time within the earth and universe. This inspires me to ask questions.
Best wishes
Okay, that was a bit too brief. I think looked at closely that discontent is truly at the heart of all creative acts since if all was perfect there'd be no need to add or take away anything.
gary, most definitely! lately my favorite is the setting moon. i get to work SOOO early I see it set outside my window. it's awesome!
Flowers have noses?
Gaa... of course, I've heard of wine having a great nose, but I never pondered the DNA...
I really have to come to Canada.
I think in America, our flowers have pistols. That's why we have such a big gun lobby.
So see, Gary. I get my inspiration from YOU. I would never have known these things without your...
this is a question i really needed to ask myself just now.... well timed. though i have a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, love to garden, and have lived in wilderness and loved it, i can't say that in my case, nature inspires, so much as feeds inspiration. beauty of any kind feeds my soul. i'm bereft without it. the beauty of the natural world, of the human body, of our relationships with others, of natural and created sound, and our own creativity as a species all feed this need. inspiration, however, seems, in my case, to spring from a need for something.... a need for shelter, order, function and, yes, beauty around me inspires my home renovations. a need for bodily coverings (and beauty in them) used to inspire my clothing design, back in the day.... a need to communicate and share things that are important to me inspires my music, writing, and, occasionally, painting. i love calligraphy because it speaks clearly, and is beautiful. for me necessity is the mother of inspiration. necessity is also my greatest motivator. having, until fairly recently had no leisure time to speak of, inspiration and motivation went hand in hand. they provided solutions to what needed to be done at the time, to provide a home for my kids and myself that met our needs on a minimal budget, without sacrificing that need for beauty around me.

a carpenter friend likes to say "beauty is a product of function"... i've forgotten who he's quoting. for me that is very true.
Inspiration for me comes at random times and from random sources. For example, I can be walking along the streets at 2:00 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon and find a random piece of paper with illegible writing and somehow I end up thinking of something creative to do with it. So I guess spontaneity has a lot to do with finding creative juices to get me going.
Lindsay - you've got your eye on the big picture... and what a picture it is!

Susan - very practical view.

Sarah - your shoes are becoming inspiring.

Seraphine - that is an interesting comment. I think I'm flattered but I wonder if you've been getting inspiration from one of our local plants :)

Grannyfiddler - wow! That is a lot of your life in one comment. I think you're saying something similar to Susan - that need leads to motivation... and inspiration flows.

Nova - I like the image of you finding that piece of paper and pondering... In NYC there is no need to wait long for the random intersting thing (in my experience).
Hi There!

I am eternally interested in the human condition, and in alternative experiences.

How is it that we can be so the SAME and yet as a race, be SO different...

It began when I was arond 16 and realized that there was more to life than small town and living at home on the farm...(read sensory/social deprivation fo 16 years)

Plus I am also intrigued by any spititual choice that leads off the beaten path...I know there are many many ways to live and I am interesed in all of them.

I hope my questions are not too personal.

I guess I just answered YOUR question, I am motivated by gaining a deeper understanding of the world around me, hence the travel and the expat postings I guess...also deeply motivated by experiencing visual beauty...it is like a drug for me.

Who knew!
Gary, come over to my blog! Watch my video and say hi to my sister!

Everyone else is welcome too! =)
Nomad - your blog(s) prove your point about your addiction... and I will get to answering your questions.

Sarah - that video is fun. The story must be interesting too.
thanks gary!!!!!!!

as for the "story," yeah, i'm working on that. like i said, that's for another blog ... in like 40 years. =)
Hey, G-unit, I might be in Nelson on the 15th, got time for coffee and bragging about tattoos?
Um, Gary, we need another blog post. Like, um, TODAY! Get on it!

Going through withdrawal in KC...
Andres - "G-Unit" sounds rather cool. I'm working in Kaslo on the 15th - are you here on the 14th?

Sarah - "Yes ma'am! I'll get on it right away. Please don't put me on Fox News."

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