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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thugs, dictators and creeps - we see you

I believe this was made in France. Simple...makes a point. Of course there are many more faces that could be added, not all from the south. Any suggestions?

Let me know if you want to see my tattoo!

You asked. Here is my ink. My 50th birthday gift to my shoulder...

sometimes the strongest political and social commentaries are gentle. tres bien!

tattoo? what's the rating on this blog?
You have a blustering ink of hot air on your ankle? Of course I'd like to see that!
Grannfiddler and Seraphine - as requested - my tat! (in post now)

I think this site is rated 'more wicked than Scarlet's, less profane that Fairlane's and not as beautiful as Susan's. But it's healthy for all ages...
Very nice - AI symbol.

That is a good 50e birthday present. I should have done the same when I turned 50 in December - but I would have gotten a flower.
Very effective video. And somewhat eerie.

Nice tattoo. I'm sure your shoulder is loving such a gift.
I thought about a tattoo when I was 50 but it faded..

Nice post.
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan.
Than Shwe, Burma (Myanmar).
Best wishes
You have a backward dollar sign with a candle through the middle tattooed on your shoulder?

Am I missing the irony?

Couldn't be, I invented irony.
Aces to the AI candle, mine is almost done healing over...

2 weeks until returning to the monotony of the Canadian lifestyle
I love the ink. It's open to interpretation. It represents an active life ("if you never slow down, you never grow old")?
Yeah, that video gave me chills. Very effective, and as someone said, quite eerie.

I love the tat! I have one on my ankle. I've been resisting the urge to get more. It can be very addicting, I think.
Kate - do it ... just a little daisy or sunflower.

Ha ha Susan! Reminds me of Mae West, "I used to be Snow White, but I drifted..."

Lindsay, I'd add a few more, but those are great candidates.

Fairlane, you got it! Burning money backwards, that's me...

Be safe Andres and see you sometime!

Thanks Seraphine - it also represents a middle age guy getting a tattoo instead of a motorocylcle or having an affair or something. I did get a canoe of course.

Nova - what did you put on your ankle. How many NYC lawyers have tats? That's cool.
Thanks muchly for your comment - I'm glad I've discovered your blog.

I may just get a bit daring and get a small flower tattoo ...
Nice ink! I want a tattoo, but can't commit to anything!
You're welcome Kate. Any bloggers looking for beauty and elegance (and especially if you're a gardener) - got directly to Kate's place.

Dcup - do it. Just check out the hygiene first and choose something small and discreet. Maybe a broken skateboard...
Gary you ROCK!!

I love the video, it IS creepy, but very effective, and the tattoo...

No words expresshow very cool that is...
Gary, your comment on my post made me smile! If the Italian Count has any suitable female relatives, I'll be sure to direct them your way!
Thanks Nomad. Look forward to photos from your last trip.

Nova - thanks and keep in touch on that!
Thank You for Your lovely footprints at my blog :-) That is a serious tattoo! I like it, indeed I do!
Very effective vid. And a tatt worth getting I think.
Hi Gary!
Left you a response to your questions in the body of the blog post at Poena.
Thanks for dropping by!
Simple and effective. Great video
I got excited when I saw this posting. My whole family and I recently got the Latin word for blessed tattooed on the back of our necks. As my mother continues to battle cancer, there have been small miracles along the way that make us feel... well, blessed. =)

Loved the video. LOVE your tattoo. Thanks for sharing.
anna-lys - your site is very cool, especially all the musical links and references.

Thanks Mary.

Thanks for dropping by Vee.

Sarah, how many of you is 'whole family' and is that BEATUS?
Fam: mama, husband, brother, sister-in-law.

And, YES!!!!!! =) Beatus.

But I'm guessing us girls should have gotten beata? You tell me. Either way, beatus is inked into my skin for all eternity. I love that my family shares it!
Figures, you Canucks, and your Socialism.

No respect for the almighty dollar.

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