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Monday, March 03, 2008

Keeping Sarah happy...

This post is dedicated to silver shoes everywhere.

I haven't been blogging much because I've been working hard - too hard I might even say. On the road for 1800 kilometres last week and off again this week in a couple of days. I'm helping the health system figure out the best way to work within the school system and have been meeting with Superintendents, Principals, teachers, counsellors, parents and others to hear what they think. They have a lot to say.

On an unrelated note totally, here are two paintings my daughter did - one very different from the other. Both are fairly large, both in my living room with frames now. (Click to see larger.)

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
BTW... I'll keep the news crews away ... this time!

Great paintings. Your daughter has TALENT.
WOW... you must be POOPED...that sounds like a great deal of mental and physical energy spent...bet you have lots of neat ideas tho after connecting with all of those folks!...

And your daughter is very talented!!

Thanks for sharing!
Wow! That sure is a lot of mileage! Was the travel at least easy? I hope that the weather was at least agreeable.

Your daughter's paintings are marvelous. Ahhh... what a proud father you must be!
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If we were to compare our children's art work hanging on our walls (and we're not) your daughter would win hands down! Very talented.
(But I still love my son's art done at the age of five.)
Those are fantastic paintings. I love the cityscape. What vision!
Sarah - thanks.

Nomad - yeah and I'm on the road this week too. Then the thinking turns into writing.

Nova - the weather and mountains were both lovely last week - snow on the higher elevations only.

Beth - those 5 year old pieces are the treasures, aren't they?

Thanks Scarlet (on her behalf, as I can't colour within the lines with my crayons...)
I love this: I'm looking at Zoey's beautiful paintings while listening to her song titled 'Seraphine' ("if you'd like some tea and cookies or whatnot").
Zoey is extraordinarily talented and creative. Wow.
What Seraphine said. Wow. What an artist!

Take care Gary, don't forget to stop for tea and cookies. I'm sure they're a vital component of the health care system, and if people would just mind their tea and cookies from a tender age, we'd have a lot less middle-aged grouchy folk in waiting rooms. ;-)
Yeah, um, you know what I just realized? You have shoes in your profile pic too. How 'bout THAT?!?

Given a choice btwn the two, I'd still go with pink and silver. =)
Nice artwork! How sweet that your daughter gave you these paintings...

Your work sounds interesting. When you get it all worked out, please come to the U.S. and help us with our messed up health-care! ;-)
Seraphine - thanks and yes, nice song too.

Madcap - so nice to see you and I will stop, although it's usually coffee and carrot cake - still therapeutic.

Sarah - loan me yours and I'll wear them in the next photo I put up!

Carol - I'll leave the US healthcare system to Hillary or Barack - and may the force be with them...
Hi Gary -What happened to the time you were to spend in the Monastery ? Or is the frenzy of activity a result of renewed vitality flowing from a brief stay!
Take it easy, after all your prescription may be to trial others imaginative solutions over long periods; but try and avoid giving yourself a headache in the process.

Please also pass on my sentiments which concur with other Bloggers in congratulating your talented daughter.

Best wishes
One word: EWWWWWWWW!
Hello, Gary.
Excellent artwork. Thank you for sharing this.
Personally, I too, like the cityscape a bit better, though the use of color in the nude is fine work.

Take care of yourself out on the road.
I would recommend treating yourself to a fine ale now and then, something Belgian perhaps. It's good for the blood. And if not, then the blood certainly doesn't suffer too much over one beer, eh?
Nice work. Happy trails.
technically, yes, i can swing the 14th, but that is the actual day Im supposed to arrive, so no promises, could you email me a phone number?
Don't work too hard bro. Nice paintings btw. Be well my friend! Amsterdam greetz
Didn't read all the comments - I am in a similar situation to yours, though the miles differ.
Is your daughter also a brat like mine, talented but expecting everything to fall down from heaven or the coconut tree?
You know that I adore my daughter (somewhat same age as yours). In some ways they are very similar from what I understand.
My experience these days is that talent doesn't rule - but effort makes the difference. I don't know about these girls, they are so adorable and promising. But when it comes to check the oil level in the car, at least my daughter draws a blank. Yours might be different.
Save travels Gary.
mmmm hmmmm! lovely stuff! she looks at things from her own angle.

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