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Friday, March 14, 2008

Flowers and dreadlocks...

I'm still working too much, including this weekend. I'll reward myself by taking a month off this summer (at least). So I'm not as bloggy as usual. Consulting work is a little like farming and this is my harvest season. I like to think of my flipcharts, markers and laptop as the tractor, plow and barn. (Okay that's pretty corny - just made it up.)

Winter is slipping away outside my room, as the ground softens, and little things begin to sprout, bud and emerge, like these snowdrops. (click to enlarge)

I love my son's hair - what do you think? I warn him that he should enjoy it while he can, as genetics will likely lead to my look. Last night, he and his current band performed at a local show. He's cool (so was the music).

Such a beautiful picture. I am so looking forward to spring.
Your son's hair is amazing - such a contrast to my eldest son's latest "do" - he got a buzz cut today. (Yeah, that one...)
Keep working on the harvest - join us whenever you can.
Oh Spring.... how I yearn for thee!
And as we celebrate my Lil Man's 1st birthday this weekend (despite his actual birthday falling on March 18th... can ya believe one whole year has already passed??) I can't help but look at his fuzzy little blonde head of hair that is just beginning to sprout into tiny little curls at the ends and wonder will my beautiful boy one day manage to grow such impressive locks?
Beth, yeah... spring and our young men. Whata life?

Tina, I'm so happy to see you here and if any of my regular blogging friends have not graced Tina's site, have a look. She is one of those rapid-fire, tell-it-like-it-is, filled with links like you wouldn't believe bloggers...and sweet too.
spring buds ... very cool.

son's hair ... more pink please! =)

when you gonna post a performance of his?

glad u liked the nose picking video! HAHAHAHA
I love the hair. It's awesome. Your kids must be marvelously gifted and fun for you.
I dig your son's hair. The hat's pretty sweet too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
We have crocuses galore around here and daffodils too but strangely enough, Portland doesn't seem to do snowdrops. They're beautiful.

One thing I've never figured about white kids with dreads is: Where does all the hair come from? Do they get extensions? If so, are those dyed separately and woven into the mix? Please have Ryan respond directly.
Look at those silky tresses along the bottom. Those are beautiful to me. He does sound cool, though.
I have never seen snowdrops. They are so clean and white and perfect.

I have never seen dreadlocks like those. They are so thick and colorful and perfect.

I want to touch both.
Now if I had clumps of snowdrops like these, I'd be happy always.

Your son has lovely dreadlocks.
Sarah - I'll tell him that you'd like more pink.

Seraphine, they are a pleasure, really. They're my heros too - his 17 year old sister is in Costa Rica right now, working at night while wearing a red headlamp. - rescuing giant leatherback turtle eggs. I think my grade 12 class went to a potato chip factory.

Hey Cheri! Welcome to this blog too. My blogging friends have terrific sites to visit too (as do yours).

Susan - I'll get him to comment directly to you ... or here.

Scarlet, he is cool. He also does his dishes and takes out the compost, with hardly any bugging.

Carol, the snowdrops don't last long, not sure about the dreads (2 years now). So come anytime and you can touch whatever is still growing.

Hi Kate - snowdrops are a small sign of life's quiet power, aren't they? But your garden is so fantastic!
Hey there
loved the pics of you snowdrops & your son.
Coming in Winter here in Sydney so won't be seeing snowdrops for awhile.
What cool colours for hair!
Yeah would also love to hear his music. Any links?
All work and no play.......you know what they say, but it’s not true! I like your description of your tools of trade, no different to a carpenter fashioning out a latest creation is it? Each presentation will have subtle differences.
Best wishes to your son and daughter.
Thanks Ciara and Lindsay - to Australian visitors in a row!

My son hopes to have some music to post soon Ciara. Think Gypsy, punk, beatbox and ska (with trumpet, guitar, piano, drums, bass and sometimes pennywhistle. Clear now?
love the hair AND the hat! and your description of his music is enough to make a girl lightheaded and giddy! we're still under 3 feet of snown here; your snowdrops are lovely, o farmer-consultant.
I'm fairly sure your children aren't thinking of flow charts and graphs right now.
That's good.
One should have something to mark before one use markers anyway.
Message to Susan from Ryan:

"G'day Susan - the hair is all mine. It's a misconception that white people didn't historically have dreadlocks, (Vikings were dreddy for example). There are no extensions, it's all mine. It got it coloured when I had some rum at Bubzee's house and she smeared blue and red dye into them, after bleaching them first."
Hey Gary, I like your analogy of consulting/ farming. I think all of our lives sublty follow cycles and seasons even if we are not always aware of their influence.

Does your son's band have a myspace site? I'll check them out and invite them as friends. With a hair doo like that he's sure to make it big!

Cheers -RB
Thanks for coming by Rachael. My son doesn't have any music online yet as they've just got together recently, but I'll let you know when there is something.

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