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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Auspicious paddle...

My friend Cam and I launched my new canoe into Kootenay Lake a few days ago. It was a sunny, calm day and there wasn't another human on the lake (here at least). At one point two bald eagles swooped and screamed above us - nice...

After a good paddle (and some hot coffee), we beached it and looked for arrowheads and other artifacts. Cam, his daugther Chelsea and I are fanatics for this stuff. We found a few chippings on a beach nearby. I'll show you my collection sometime.

Here's the cool bit. Upon landing back on my beach, we found this great spear point (click on it to see the detail). Nice start for the new canoe. It needs a name still by the way - the canoe, not the tip. Suggestions?

How about.... Mr. Chuck?

Canoe is made of wood
and the spear... woodchuck, spearchuck

Am I stupid or what? Hahaha
That one is simple for a change, the canoe's name is: Arrowhead!
Mr. Chuck; Arrowhead; Reflections.

very nice you three! I'll have to reflect on it (not meant to be a bias to Claire's suggestion)...
That is such a beautiful piece. I wonder if you can make something with it - or perhaps you prefer to simply collect?

A name for your canoe? I would never presume! (Plus, I lack the imagination to even attempt...)
So, Gary. If McCain wins this presidential thingy here, south of your border, what's it like political climate-wise up there? I have a hose I could sell and move north to become an expat. And just how cold is it? You always look like you're stretched out on a warm rock, kind of lizard-like--and I mean that in the best possible way. Will they give health care to just anybody? Even if you're permanently bitter?
I know a hose doesn't sound like much, but it's attached to the nozzle that's attached to my house. Nice house (built in the late 1800's) with a cottage out back. Big lot, lots of trees and in downtown Salt Lake City. Now I know the Salt Lake City part sound awful, but it is a part of the US that still has pretty good property values, not having tanked like most other places, so..... I do ramble on don't I? It's probably because I'm so bitter. Like the really dark, dark chocolate. The kind that makes your tongue pucker.
Beth - I only collect, but it could be mounted as a necklace I think.

Utah - hey, the political climate here is that even our right-wingy-wingers like Obama. We're drifting the wrong way these days, but still pretty social-democraty. Health care is given to everybody - in fact bitter people get good drugs and visits to the massage therapist.

This year, our province included acupuncture as an insured service.
What a great day! Paddling your new canoe on a lake with no people and spotting bald eagles and arrowheads! I feel warmer just thinking about it! (It's all white and snowy here right now.)

I have no name suggestions. I'd have to meet your boat before I could even begin to contemplate that.

Ever think of starting up a commune in Canada for all of us fed-uppers here?
Yeah, Gary
Oh, this post was about a name for the canoe? Auspicious Paddle. That's my suggestion
"Auspicious Paddle" is a male thing, isn't it, because it is a Freudian extension of sorts.
All "male named" boats are doomed, Utah Savage, Titanic being a fair example of thus.
If the canoe would be called "Arrow", there you go, same destiny.
But "Arrowhead" is OK, "down there" and "up there" combined, pricks and brains on an even platter per say...
My 16foot sailboat is called "Florina", borrowed from an adventurous girl who jumped from rock to rock in the Swiss Alps. So she is (both, the girl and the boat, though the boat has some advantages).
As for Utah, fresh water will run out sooner than you think. Time to sell your colonial and move to Canada. They seem to like liberal hippies like you on their shores.
Personally I made the choice to "come close" - living part time on an island in Maine.
End of rant.
Being from KC, where we have Arrowhead Stadium, I have to agree with Zee. Your new canoe's name simply must be Arrowhead, esp. after your great find.

Very cool.
A name for the boat? I like Serenity (yes, from the movie, but I can imagine you out drifting lazily in a boat named Serenity thinking good thoughts).
Thanks for all the name suggestions - I'll give it a little more time, then have a name launching ceremony. Maybe pour a bottle of Nelson Ale over the bow..
it seems your canoe has been blessed on her maiden voyage, by the stone gods. i think the name should reflect that.

i found 2 spearhead blanks in the garden of my previous residence, while breaking ground for the greenhouse. of a very dark, smooth stone - not quite obsidian - that a rock hound tells has been traded across the continent, and may originate in the northeastern U.S. i had a silversmith friend twist some silver wire about them and set them on cords, to make them into pendants for my daughter and myself.
I immediately thought 'Arrow', from the song 'Me and my Arrow'. The Arrow in the song was a dog. One who provided the 'point' in the un-pointed young man's life until he finally 'got the point'. Oh, to be back in the 60's again...

I like Arrow, and perceive it to be genderless, as languages with a genderless 'it' allow us to do. YMMV

Gfid - I've thought about mounting some of my pieces as jewelery too, but so far just keep them in a little box.

Shadowmoss - thanks for visiting! Yeah, I like that Nilson song too - yeah, maybe some of us are longing for the 60's... Arrow is good.
Canoeing sounds great...I am looking forward to checking it out soon. I think the name should emerge :-)
Have a safe trip Michelle and come by anytime.

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