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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Banksy strikes again!

You may know how much I love interesting graffiti... and that I often post the work of Banksy, a UK graffiti artist. Well, he's pulled off one of his most audacious stunts - an enormous protest against Britain's surveillance society painted just feet from a CCTV camera. Britain has the most citizen camera surveillance of any nation in the world. It's estimated that there are more than 4,000,000 video cameras watching on any given day. George Orwell - you are the prophet!

Banksy artwork

The guerrilla artwork appeared on a wall above a Post Office yard off Oxford Street in central London last week.It features a boy in a red jacket painting the slogan "One Nation Under CCTV" in stark white capitals. His actions are filmed by a policeman next to a barking dog.

The secretive artist's achievement is made more impressive by the fact that the piece is several stories high - meaning he had to erect temporary scaffolding before slipping away unnoticed.

Banksy artwork

Banksy frequently touches on political issues in his work. Last month a Banksy-style painting depicting two children pledging allegiance to supermarket giant Tesco appeared on the wall of a north London pharmacy. It was interpreted as support for the growing campaign to ban free plastic bags.

Banksy artwork

Famously secretive, Banksy is believed to have only given one newspaper interview, although he has left various clues indicating he is a secondary school drop-out who was born in or around Bristol in 1974.

He's not me, but I bet Susan and Seraphine could collaborate nicely with him.

Where do you get this stuff Gary?
I am always surprised by your posts of Bansky or Bansky imitators.
Perhaps - whoever did it - tied a rope system to the top of the building and let themselves down to adhere the stencil set before painting/spraying. It would give the crew the possibility to "vanish" quickly if needed, no scaffold at all. That at least would have been my approach. The police officer with the dog and the kid on the right side were able to be done from the ground, probably were done first before the letters went up...
On second thought, do you see the van to the left of one of your pictures?
If you would park that thing underneath the wall, a simple 18 foot ladder on the top of the roof of the van would suffice to do this stunt.
I'm impressed. Not only by the art but by the artist's daring - and ability to remain elusive.
I love Banksy! Thanks for introducing us to him Gary. I looked at this current work of his and was astounded. I'd love to know how he manages to remain secretive especially given the current scenario.
Haha, that's awesome. The great thing about rules is finding creative and positive ways to break them. It excites the imagination.
The exception to the rule is really the human conscience speaking.
Or it's Random Chaos, which is a little understood but necessary component of growth and change.
The exception always wins in the long run.
Well at least I don't have to follow Beth. Here I am in my car on my way to Oh Canada. Do they let you smoke in Canada? I will have to learn French if they don't. Never mind the commune thingy. If there are other immigrants from the States, I'll get kicked out because I stink. Fucking bigots.

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