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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And the winners are...

David Shrigley's work

The weird, but interesting haiku contest is officially closed, prize-wise. I put all the names in my little handmade box (by my daughter, not me). And the winners of the orange t-shirts are:


Trust in the candle
Eternal flame hope we pray



Release now the chains,
give light to those in darkness,
love can heal their pain

If you can each email me a post address, the shirts will be on their rebellious journey. (I know I had your address Lindsay, but I can't find it since moving.)

My email is ockenden@netidea

Thanks everyone, there are some pretty wonderful entries in the post below.

Congratulations to both Lindsay and Nova-San. Random draws frequently pull beauty out of chaos. Isn't that how we all arrived?
yes, congrats to Lindsay and Nova-San. and the haikus were a very good read.

i won something once.... a bottle of scotch. i detest scotch.
Yay, well deserved congratulations to you both.

I like the drawing. Good, Evil and Don't Know.
We all like to think of ourselves as Good, but we constantly nag ourselves about it. The question is "How Good" are we?
There is the "impossible ideal" of goodness, and there is another standard called "Good Intentions."
Since impossible goodness is... well... generally impossible, I give a LOT of weight to Good Intentions.
There's a road paved with good intentions. I'm not sure where it leads, but it beats walking uphill all the time.
Well deserved winners, congratulations!
And don't forget - wear that t-shirt once in a while...
Hi Gary

Zee-I will be pleased to wear the T shirt.

However my computer has crashed- as it became overheated processing over 200 lyrics of songs and the music for all of the harmonies so it will be few days before I'm operational again.

Hence I am currently typing in this response at our local library.

I enjoyed reading all those great contributions.

Best wishes
Nova and Lindsay - prizes in the mail tomorrow! (Lindsay - Rachael sent me your address.)

Gfid - hmmm, I'll trade you a shirt for the scotch :)

Brilliant Sera! I like the sketch too - and intention is often good enough.

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