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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There are so many reasons to post this song...

1. It makes me cry (that's good for me).

2. I love Leonard Cohen (that old poet, singer, Buddhist, hep-cat, seducer of a guy...)

3. I love k.d. lang (is there a more interesting girl from small-town Alberta on the planet?)

4. This song was voted the number one Canadian song of all time on a national CBC Radio gig a few years back. That makes Canada cool - hell, it could have been Celine who won!

5. Zee and Cheri both commented on liking this song.

Awwww... I'm touched that you get so touched by this song.

Another blogman that I visit has posted about every YouTube version made of this song because he loves it so much.

It IS a beautiful, moving song - and k.d. lang's voice makes it all the more powerful.

I'd be interested in hearing what it is about the song that moves you so (but since it's none of my business, don't feel obligated). :-)
KD did a brilliant job with this song....... i think Cohen was very good song writer and performer.....

contrast take manhattan
Carol, hmmmm...I'm not sure what moves me. It's a combination of the melancholic but beautiful chords, some of the lyrics and I think a feeling of purity and suffering both. I'll have to think about it.

Nice contrast ghost dansing! Love that one too.
Great version by Kd Lang. Thanks for posting this Gary, I enjoyed it.
I love kd lang.
leonard cohen, well i know he's a canadian hero and a great song writer, and his singing is a bit morose and sad which is great (when you're in the mood for it) and powerful and sometimes depressing.
Vee - nice to have you drop in.

Seraphine - this is one of his songs that I really like him doing too. That version has additional verses and is on youtube also.
I didn't cry (which surprises me) but I was very, very moved.
Leonard Cohen is amazing - his way with words and music - such a gift.
And k.d. lang's version is beautiful.
Why do I alway have to follow Beth, she's so pretty. it's not fair.

I'm too lazy to open and download and listen when I have Dylan blaring in the background. Which song is KD singing? I'll try to think it instead of hear it, will that do?

Will they still let me into Canada if I think all of KD Lang sounds alike? I liked McCarther Park. Isn't that Cohen? Does that count with Canada?
Beth, Utah has complimented you.

Utah, I'm not sure you'll get into Canada if you even mention McArthur Park - what's with the friggin 'cake out in the rain'?

Kd's singing Halleluah, by Leonard Cohen. Jeez - it's hard to turn down Dylan, believe me I know. But if you immigrate here be sure to at least tell them that you do know that Joni Mitchell and Neil Young are Canadian. If the immigration officer looks a little red around the neck you can always fall back on Shania Twain.
So what about that commune thing? Huh? Think if you ignore us we'll just forget about it? Huh?
Gary, this is off topic, but is relevant to your profile. How is it you had two kids while living a "monastic" life? Are you Jesus come to mediate the bitch slapping going on at Scarlet's place? She claims you'll make me and PT to hold hands and sing Kum Ba Ya. I think we both misspelled that. For christ's sake don't tell PT--he'll think he's won.
Does it help that I've read every book Margaret Atwood ever wrote? Extra credit with the Canadian Border Patrol. And in case Canada doesn't have Border Patrol, don't you guys think you should be getting ready for the stampede?
Obsessed? Who, me? What makes you ask such a question?
Very nice recording Gary. I noticed in the previous posts you have finally launched that canoe which I remember was recently covered in snow - but I presume its still rather cold and you might freeze should you have the misfortune to capzise.
Best wishes
Utah Savage - you're on a comment roll! Yeah, the Mounties will be impressed with quotes from Attwood. As for the kids and monastic life - they were both virgin births... or it was after I left.

Lindsay, yes, the water's pretty cold so I'm staying close to shore for now.
Utah, you don't have to follow Beth. You can follow me, if you're quick enough. I noticed once, you commented after Gary. See?

Gary. I still haven't heard the tune. I don't have flash on my computer, that might be it. But also at work, I can't. *sigh* Don't worry about it, nobody else seems to have that problem. It's fate punishing me.
I just listened to k.d. lang's Hallelujah today. I have Leonard Cohen's, k.d. lang's, Jeff Buckley's and even Jason Castro's version on my iPod. Clearly, Moderation is not my middle name.
Now I just read back through other comments. I agree with you, Gary, about why the song moves. I would just add that for me it brings to mind that contrast between the human conditions of reactivity and redemption.
kd can do no wrong in my book. What a talent.
I listened (and watched) this last night with my mom and my husband sitting behind me. It is really a beautiful rendition as I have heard the songs played by different artists. The intensity of the words though cannot easily be matched by just any performer that's for sure.
where did KD perform this? I guessed it must have been at the Juno awards or something..


Gary, you've been tagged. Come see me.
sooooo beautiful...thank you for sharing this,,,,
Gary, you lazy fuck, get off your rock and write something. Or at least go visiting. You're going to get skin cancer from all that lizard-like sunning.
Jeez Utah! Can't a guy have a little vacation once in a while? I'm in Victoria looking at the pretty gardens and oh-so-civilized capital city. I'll visit you now so you'll quit harassing me! :)

Thanks to Cheri, Ingrid and Mary for your appreciation.
Appreciation shit. You've been playing this same old song for a week. I know, it's a classic, and all Canadian and such--believe me, I'll know the lyrics by heart and will do my deep voiced version of KD when I'm pulling my trailer up to the order crossing, with all my Margaret Atwood in the front seat beside me. Buy pleeezze stop now.

And it looks like you're always on vacation. Don't they have any crazies in Canada for you to counsel? If not, I'll bring all my friends with me when I come. Bush has driven us all crazy and we need help.
Did I say we're bitter too?
just (b)logging as another devoted KD fan. rec'd her latest in the mail only days ago. what a voice. if i ever grow up i'd like to sound like that.
oh man, no song... that's what I get for taking too long...
Okay Utah, what are you - my blogging conscience! I'm going to post now, just for you.

gfid - no one sounds like her, but I'd love to hear your fiddle fly.

Callooh - isn't it there? Sometimes youtube is down, it's there now...

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