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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pit stop, with photos...

Rebiya Kadeer - human rights defender

On the way to Queen's Park...

Andres Paz, fellow blogger and friend (behind banner)

Kootenay Lake - early June morning (from patio)

I'm home for a few days before a couple of days on Gabriola Island then back to Northern BC for the final leg in this part of my consulting contract. By the way Sarah, I do a lot of things - in this case I'm helping the organization that provides health services in Northern BC to do some planning. I'm meeting with staff, community stakeholders and the board. There are 7,000 employees, although I'm only meeting them in the hundreds.

The Amnesty AGM in Toronto was amazing, maybe the most inspiring I've been to. Rebiya Kadeer was a big part of that. She gave such impassioned speeches, at a rally against Chinese oppression - (see photo above) and as keynote speaker at our meeting. Two of her sons are still in Chinese prison - as pressure on her to not speak out. I won't describe the details, but at one point officials placed a cell phone in her hand and on the other end was her distraught daughter... and the sounds of her sons being tortured. Yes, she's a strong and courageous and bold leader for the Uigher people of China.

China has a long ways to go.

When I asked if I could take her photo, she handed my camera to someone else, embraced my waist and the result is above.

And finally, a photo of the view from my patio at 5:45 a.m. this morning. See why I'm happy to have a canoe!

your blog is good, pleaise link to my blog. from indonesia (Yogyakarta)
Why do I think they were marching in High Park? There's just a feeling that lingers for that place.

Beautiful morning photo. Peace and tranquility abide.

Great picture too of a pair of naturally serene activists. Mrs Kadeer is an unbelievably brave woman. I am humbled and amazed.
Ms. Kadeer really IS someone to admire. What a great pic of the both of you.

What an absolutely priceless view you have!!
It is fascinating to follow your present journey. Don't be fooled by a dwindled down activity on blogger from my side, I do read your (and others) posts. For some reason, I just feel I have nothing to contribute in form of comments these days, not only on your blog, but all the others as well. My own blog has almost come to a screeching halt as well. There is too much to say and little gained by voicing it. A merry-go-round of repetitive issues.
On that note, I am glad to see you "in the field", talking to real people, inspiring them to do little steps towards sanity.
You seem to act and do what you speak. The only way "change" can happen.
Even though the weather is fine where I am right now, the dark clouds of a depressed and ignorant human herd haunt me every day. The sparkles of light you share and inspire to people on your travels gives me hope.
Have a save and successful mission!
Awesome photos/job/life.

Very, very cool.

And come back to my blog and check out my car karaoke! =)
Oh, p.s., just bought new running shoes! =)
Add the photo I sent you, it's the tattoos.

I miss BC...(sigh)
You make the most interesting "pit stops." Ms. Kadeer sounds like a fascinating (and so strong) woman.

And your patio view is breathtaking.
I admire both of you.
Thanks for sharing a little about Kadeer's story. I didn't know about her.

Great photo of you with her.

And your view... so beautiful! I won't make you laugh by sharing the view from my patio.
Gary, the scenery from your back porch is amazing. Maybe that's why they call Canada "God's Country"...

As for the other photos, I feel inspired to do some more reading on Rabyia Kadeer. Thanks for keeping us informed and inspiring us to learn more.
Great photos, and I'm proud of you marching for a great cause. I can't imagine the horror of having one's children tortured. It really hits home what Amnesty is all about.
you walk the walk Gary, what a great experience you had in meeting Ms. Kadeer. I bet that, with that AGM meeting in Toronto, you could feel that you really are part of a big organization.. sometimes I wonder if people do not get demoralized working on issues that happen so far away..
well, I'm impressed and before I forget, awesome picture of you too, I think it's the most clearest I've seen too. You are QUITE photogenic..
the Kootenay picture is just heaven..boy, with all that heat and drought we're having here, I looove looking at water..

Oh, you need a canoe in your line of work. God bless you, Gary.
OOohhh! An up-close photo of Gary!

Your work with Amnesty is inspiring. Keep it up, brother!
love the lake, wish I was there!
What a beautiful, inspiring post. You really do work. I take it all back. I thought you just went on long vacations and called it work.

I've fallen in love with a Leonard Cohen song. Dance Me to the End of Love. I've bought four versions, and his is the best. Am I getting to be Canada worthy?
Waiting for the next "pit stop." Hope you're well.
I admire myself, but you're alright.

"fairlane, Human Rights Defender!"

Has a nice ring to it, no?

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