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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just about there... on to November

I think this is a very classy and inspiring speech and might even bet on an Obama/Clinton ticket this year. Oh my American cousins, don't be afraid to believe it could get better...

Americans always think it gets better. We're the world's optimists. If you can't believe in America, what can you believe in?
It's all about C H A N G E.
An inspiring and wonderful outcome.
Good, better, best, never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.

An elementary school teacher wrote that once in my autograph book. I can't believe that popped in my head just now. Anyway, it's good advice for politicians and their constituencies alike.
I sure hope so
Oh, you're back from your vacation and paying attention to our national drama. I don't see Clinton as any kind of change, but Barack is change I can believe in. Just so nobody rams her down his throat as the only option he has for Veep. How about Obama/Webb? Hillary driving the Supreems crazy sounds good to me.
Has anyone ever asked what their election platforms look like, I've never heard about anything they stand for. Wait, that's not true, I know Clinton said she stands for universal healthcare.
Hi Gary -I agree, but from what I can gather Obama would not be keen to have Hilary as a running mate, notwithstanding the recent tributes, e.g. what a great gal Hilary is. The main contest is to come, which should be most the most interesting for a long long time. I think the USA is to be congratulated on the outcome thus far. However I can’t accept Obama and Hilary will suddenly make up to the extent it is in his interest after such a long period of strongly differentiating themselves. Well I guess I may be proved wrong, but neither do I think Hilary is going to be on the ticket and furthermore I don’t think it’s in his best interest to have her. The reason (sticking my neck out) I think is politically his best chance of wining is to present a clear break with past; not possible with Hilary as a running mate. The Democrats seemed to have realized people vote for candidates they like and therefore think they can trust, policies presented by dry unfriendly stern faces won’t make the grade if voters think those candidates can’t be trusted. I hope Obama chooses another running mate , for those reasons. It’s time.
Best wishes
Hi all and thanks for everyone's comments.

Andrew, Obama's policy positions are on his website http://www.barackobama.com/index.php

Lindsay - amen to that. As honourable a person as Hillary Clinton is, I believe it would be a horrible mistake to pick her as a running mate. Time for change... and for heaven's sake, could you imagine Bill hanging out around the White House again.
I heart Obabma, too, and putting Hill on the ticket would be a HORRIBLE MISTAKE! She couldn't even run her own campaign and she's still begging for money to pay off her poorly run campaign. They are on vacation somewhere like Cape Cod, and are begging for money. Bill, it's time to pony up for all the "baggage" you left Hillary with. Maybe a nice job like Health and Human Services for Hill, but certainly not Hill--that makes a mockery of his message of CHANGE AND HOPE.

I heart Canadians, too.

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