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Friday, August 15, 2008

Proud dad posts song...

Zoey in living room - in grad dress and hair extensions... but it's her

A few of you have asked about my daughter Zoey's music. She writes and performs her own material (vocal and piano). People seem to like her songs - the sweet and light ones and the more angst-ridden or deeper lyrics. I like them all but am biased and based on my own singing ability, have to question her paternity sometimes...

Thanks to fellow blogger and New Yorker extraordinaire
Nova, I now have a link to one of Zoey's songs if you want a listen. Here's one of those I'd call sweet and light - it's called This is a love song

Thanks Nova.

OK, I am going to listen, then I'll be back.
I just fore once wanted to be the first person to post a comment, so there...
Now then, I listened. Be a proud dad!
No, that is not what I was going to say in the first place. But it is a good way to start, I suppose ...
Zoe's voice is her asset, clear and in pitch. The lyrics are average for that particular age group, a bit melancholic-pretentious, but fine in the overall picture. Ask her: Where is the bite!
The keyboard sounds fine, but is not of very great importance.
Hope I didn't go overboard with my analysis. It is a very fine song after all. And it is an "original", which counts extremely high in my deck of cards...
Great song, Zoey!
Love the lyrics: "I swept up after you, and I made you a sandwich too."
Love Zoe's voice.
Love the piano.
Love that you posted this Gary. Thank you!
(There wouldn't be angst without love)
p.s. sometimes it's better not to question your children's paternity. especially when they are as talented as zoey.
This is GREAT! I enjoyed every second of it!

Thanks for posting Zoey's song and voice. "Proud dad" is definitely called for.
Very sweet :-)
There's an award waiting if you want one :-)
That is is awesome clip of Zoey!

I`m so happy with that outcome of Keep the Beat (I`ve been away from the blogs for awhile), it really is something wonderful.

Hope you`re rocking on Gary!
Hi Gary
Congratulations to Zoey. Please convey to her my best wishes and encouragement.
Let her know I think she has a lovely timber in her lower register reminiscent of a country / blues style.

The Lyrics take me back to my youth.

I could also imagine an arrangement to also include a Fiddle and Sax.

Best wishes
No wonder you're proud! You should be. What a great song - both the lyrics and that amazing voice.
OMG! What talent! I'm really impressed. But of course she is your daughter!
I absolutely love the song. I keep listening to it over and over again. Her voice is so sweet and lovely. I hope she knows how proud you are of her. ♥
Wow! I'm smitten.
nice stuff. beautiful, talented, and an activist too! be proud.

zoe was the girl name i had chosen for my last born - who also has just graduated from high school. but this baby wore a tux to grad, and was 6 foot 3. he definitely wasn't a zoe. he was a lucas.
very nice Zoey!
Sweet and lovely.

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