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Monday, September 01, 2008

Data, a Scandanavian accent and seeing the world anew...

I don't know if you look at the TEDTalks - there are often amazing speakers there. This one was passed along to me this week. I think it's rather astounding - you need a little time to watch it. Lindsay - I know you'll like it.

that's a very interesting 20-minute presentation. it also occurs to me that a lot of world wealth is sadly squandered, not just by "third-world" countries but also by rich countries that should know better.
Hi Gary
I think you do know me well since I found this passionate and insightful presentation simply amazing.
I thought his conclusions were enhanced by access to that unrivalled database (given an allowance for statistical errors) and the software that gave rise to that wonderful graphic presentation.

The overall concluding theme I think is at odds with today’s popular paradigms which if I recall correctly you posted about last year?

In fact I think that ever since sociology studies have become hijacked by post modernnism we have all but abandoned those previous empiricically based conclusions that were used to substantiate factually based conclusions.

Best wishes
Some of my own preconceived notions were put to rest. We should all see "the world anew."
That was wonderful and I found Lindsay's conclusions to be pretty close to my own take. It's all in the way you look at things, isn't it?
Wow is all I can say. Wow.

Now I have a couple of projects. First, to put this video on my own blog somehow. I am not at all political, in fact I avoid it at all costs. However, this lecture was amazing on so many levels. As a computer nerd, I was blown away by the visuals. As a 20-year college student I was blown away by the lecturer.

Glad you all find data intteresing a la Hans Rosling..

Shadowmoss. Here's the deal. You can link people to my blog of course, but it you want the video on your blog.

Go to TedTalks.com and type in Hans Rosling to find this video.

There will be a long string of code you can copy to EMBED in your blog. Copy it.

Open a new POST and click on the HTML option.

Paste that string of code into it.

Post it and you should see the video. (You can of course, also add a title and some of your words as you wish).

Good luck!

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