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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still here - honest

(Click photos to see larger.)

Dave, our former mayor, looking photogenic...

Morning hike

Mingulay early morning- a 55 foot idiot-proof vessel...

Fifteen feet from my kitchen door recently... "Yo Bruno!"

For a while now I've been posting less frequently than I used to. I am busy with work, as I mentioned... and I am trying to enjoy summer on the lake, as I mentioned... and supporting my kids takes time, as I mentioned.

What I might not have mentioned is that I'm also in an evolving relationship with someone who means a lot to me (Anna). Amazing what time and energy all those things together can take up...

I'm still here though, visiting your blogs once in a while and posting now and then.

I just returned from the 12th Annual Gentleman's Cruise A Palooza - a four day boat trip on Kootenay Lake, with a bunch of men friends. This year there was a smaller crew on the Mingulay - seven sailors. Cruising bays and inlets on the the 100 mile pristine lake, hiking, swimming, story-telling, bull-shitting, drinking and eating, card playing, singing around a fire - it was all there (and then there is the 'what happens on board stays on board stories). I came home grimy, stubbly, tired... and very happy.

The nights are cooler now, the days shorter and I hate to announce it, but I can feel fall in the air already. There's even bear poop in the yard some mornings, as they drop by at night to examine the fruit trees.

What's it like in your neck of the woods? Lindsay in Australia must be in the heat of summer and Gfid up north might have seen snow already. Interesting planet we find ourselves on...

And finally, since I AM rambling here... thanks so much Susan for the Kickass Award! I did register there, and will eventually get around to passing it along. Honoured my friend...

I was wondering if the Croozapalooza had happened this year and when I first saw the boat picture I wondered if you guys had finally managed to beach it. But no, it appears to be fine and I'm glad you had a great time.

We had a couple of 100+ degree days not too long ago followed by a 50 degree temperature drop and solid rain. Just a hint of PNW winter to come but meanwhile autumns are long and gentle around here.
You mentioned quite a bit of things Gary. I will get to you later. I am sort of having a transitional (hard) time. Will be in touch.
Give greetings to Anna. She must be a fine companion, choosing her at this stage of your life. Or maybe she choose you... Whatever witch way, it doesn't really matter - as long as you will find content!
my friend just down the road from you tells me they keep gettin a bear visitor, they've tried making lots of noise to scare it away and it just sits and looks at them!!
Sounds (and looks) like you're having a wonderful summer.
Best wishes re: your "evolving relationship."
The "good guys" deserve the best. ;)
Ok..I trust we will be introduced to Anna when the time comes! (that's what friends are for..but I suspect she'll pass our stamp of approval [g]). How wonderful for you Gary, seriously.
When I saw the first pics I thought, that's gotta be his annual trip and yes it was! I looved the morning hike picture. Wow! How relaxing. In a former life I must've been a wood elf or something! [s]

Thanks for staying in touch. With all that going on, you can only do so much and 'we' (speaking for everyone else) understand,


Susan - yeah, we beach it every evening. But we did have a hairy departure from a beach in a storm.

Zee - hope things look up for you. You're such an honest traveler on your journey.

Claire - fruits out here so bears will be here soon - more photos to come.

Beth - and the 'good women' too!

Ingrid - thanks for the nice words sister. You can come anytime for a Kootenay hike - really!
Congratulations on the "evolving relationship"!!! I wish you much happiness.

I am really jealous of your Gentleman's Cruise A Palooza. That sounds like so much fun! To be surrounded by such beauty and in the company of good friends...

Your bear is very cute! From a distance.
Thanks Gary, I needed to hear that. That's good news. The bad news is, you made me be very jealous on your boat there, hovering around in a pristine lake.
Hi Gary
These are superb pictures. Your annual break cruising the Kootenay Lakes sounds wonderful. Did you dangle any lines in the water to try and catch those land locked Kootenay salmon for breakfast, or was the cook apt to be more like a bear with a sore head from the late night before!?

I trust you evolving relationship with Anna continues to bring much happiness.

Best wishes
You would like this lake Carol. Visit if you'd like.

Same to you Zee and Lindsay - I did drop a line in the lake, but no fish for me. Had to do with spaghetti and caesar salad on my watch.
i'm glad you are still here, and honest.
It is lovely in San Diego although I am too ill to enjoy it right now.

The cruise sounds like it was lovely.

And? Anna! Cool. Does she think you look like Joel Gray?
I'm excited to hear more about this "evolving relationship." You had casually mentioned something on my blog about having a friendship that evolved into something more - I assume that you had meant Anna.

Spill it, Gary (when you're ready, of course). I love a good love story. ♥
Thanks Sera - and I'm glad to find you and your work there too.

Get well Cheri and I'll ask Anna the Joel Grey question!

Nova - hmmm, yes I'll have to think about how to tell a bit of that story. Thanks for the encouragement :)

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