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Friday, September 05, 2008

Sticking out moi neck...

I haven't put lots of personal stuff on my blog over the years, or if I have, it's discreet. But I do define it as eclectic - political, humour, literate, musical, whimsy and personal. It's all up for grabs.

That's all to say that I've written that there is someone in my life now. Her name is Anna and I've known her for a long time, but not been in touch much for years... until this year.

Starting in January and then picking up in the spring, we got acquainted through a long email conversation (that continues now). Then in May we met to find out if our 3D forms would live up to, or be compatible, with our growing virtual friendship. Well, it did live up to it... and more.

We've seen each other a bunch of times. She's in Nova Scotia right now. We'll meet in Ottawa this month and here in Nelson in October.

So if you're interested, now you know... I'm smitten.

Some of you will recognize the canoe and the lake in this photo.

Let me also introduce you to my paddling partner, Anna.

And one more - on the shore on Gabriola Island

Oh, Gary, I'm so happy for you and Anna. She looks lovely, and very happy. I'm sure you have a lot to do with that.

May your relationship continue to bloom and grow and flourish.

Thanks for giving us a peek into this burgeoning love story.
Thanks for the intro! I'm very happy for you both and send wishes for much fun, growth, and paddling to you two!
That photo says so much. A picture really does paint a thousand words.

Blessings to both of you.
ha! so thats why your blog posts slowed to a comparative trickle for a while.
smitten. you've been smited? or is smite and smit two different things?
*hi* anna. waves.
I'm sure she must be a wonderful lady and I'm very happy that you've found one another. Best wishes to you both.
May the two of you paddle in tandem for years to come...

(She's lovely!)
Gary, good for you sticking out your head as we're totally a safe bunch to do it with..
when in Ottawa, may I recommend 'Cafe Wim's in the bytown market (if it still exists, ha) for a romantic coffee and something (perhaps dutch croquettes??hmm). It's been a looong time but service was always slow and heck, if you're in luv...that doesn't really matter now does it??

what a great feeling to be smitten again..she is very pretty and seems so down to earth.. like you..

all the best with your relationship,


beautiful lady, Gar. many blessings, and happily ever after and all that. i hope you'll still have time for us.
You lucky bastard, you did beat me. I need a partner to paddle on a pristine lake as well!
But since you are a friend, and a hard working fellow, you deserve the best companionship there is. So I will swallow my initial grunge.
So I hope you two make a fine match for all the years to come, enjoy continued serenity, wake up every day with a smile and a golden heart!
I am starting to become semi-clairvoyant, so I can trustfully tell you, that Anna and you will find peace and fulfillment in each others presence.
And this was not a cynical joke either...
Be well - you TWO!
OK I rephrase, put this into a less cryptic train of thought, because I can't afford right now that you get mad at me.

I am very, very happy of the changes in your life. All good blessings and thoughts to Anna and you!
Nova - thanks for the encouragement to post a personal update.

Carol and Cheri - thanks for the wishes (and do you know each other's blogs? I think you'd like them.)

Sera - you're great, as usual. Smit smat smot smut (oh oh)

Susan - maybe we'll meet when you come as McCain/Palin refugees (just kidding ... about them winning).

Beth - I hope so too.

Ingrid, I'll look for Wims.

Gfid - I can multitask.

Zee, Zee, Zee... I'm not mad at you . I appreciate a little clairavoyance in my blogging friends. And late night honesty too.
super sweet gary. i wish you both the best.
Some of us on the other side of the border are tres curious about what's going on with Harper. I just read he's called a general election for 10.14 and hopes to get a majority cuz he's tired of negotiating. Wassup?
Best wishes to both of you and thanks for sharing your lovely picture of Anna with us.
Congrats, G. Anna is as lovely on the outside as I imagine she is on the inside. Lucky both of you!
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