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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm still here Zee...

Okay, I'm open to some advice here my friends.

I have been really busy for months, including 13 flights in the past month alone, mostly work travel and one romantic getaway in Ottawa. I'm distracted by changes in my life and a growing life on Facebook. The travel is slowing down a little, with a only a few trips between now and Christmas (including another 'rendesvous').

So I've gone from frequent posts on this blog to not so many. I feel like I've abandoned some friendships, or at least neglected them.

Sometimes bloggers stop altogether and announce that (some of you remember Madcap Mom, Beth, Dimitiri and others). I don't want to do that because I like this connection and I like looking at all of your blogs too, even if not as regularly as I used to.

Maybe I'm not asking for your advice, but for patience. Okay?

And now for not-about-Gary

We vote in a federal parliament here on Tuesday and it's a nail biter. The Anyone But Harper movement is growing. For some really exciting technology and a glimpse into modern strategic voting, have a look here . This is getting major coverage and there are other sites helping people 'swap' votes. I vote for a party that might win here and someone in another riding agrees to vote for my party, because they have a chance there.

The US election is looking pretty nasty from up here. Many of us are also still puzzled as to how it's even a race. However, a little digging indicates that a huge portion of the America population still believe that some god created dinosaurs, that Noah did put 20,000,000 insect couples on the ark and that Jesus is coming soon. I guess it's not a big leap to think that a snappy talking dinosaur from Alaska deserves to be a breath away from leading the most bankrupt economy in the world (with 707 foreign military bases).

As for the economic meltdown, it's global so Canada is free falling too. My take? Well, if I am really wealthy and lose most of it, I'd probably still be really wealthy. If I have small investments and lose most of it... it's still small. So why worry? (That may sound trite, but I mean it. I am not making light of people who are losing their homes by the way - or the corrupt system and societal greed and US policies that precipitated this.)

And finally, we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada in October (this weekend). So let me wish that you each have things to be thankful for... and feel it.


Back to Gary?

Since I'm on a roll anyhow (count this as 5 posts in one), let me tell you that last week I was sitting in Anna's Volkswagon camper van in my driveway, running it because she's away for a couple of months. An hour after I sat in it reading, a huge tree fell in a wind storm.

It flattened the van, as you can see here (click to enlarge). It also damaged my car badly (thousands of dollars). While we'll mourn Rosie (the van), I felt the closeness of the call - see the driver's seat? I'm thankful to be here.

Amen again.

Oh. My. Stars. Gary!!!

Wow. I am so glad you are okay. What a lesson/message/something? the Universe sent you. And everyone who reads your story and looks at this picture.

Oh. My. Stars.

I'm short of breath right now.

Okay, so, blog or don't blog as you are able or want. I, for one, will enjoy seeing your periodic posts and sweet comments whenever you're around.

Happy trails.

And? Oh. My. Stars. I'm going to be thinking about this post all day.
No. I'm going to think about this post for a long, long time.
Apparently it was the van's time. Natural selection has dictated that it wasn't yours though.

Hope you're well. It's beautiful here in Ottawa, everything is in soft reds and golds, and it's not cold yet.
Thanks Cheri. Me too.

Andrew - enjoy Ottawa in the fall... and be sure you have your longjohns and toque for winter.
OMG! I can't believe you escaped a death trap - literally.

Keep blogging. My world would be saddened if you stopped.

PS - I do love Jesus. =)
YES! I think I beat you to the Facebook add.

But, man, you were quick in deleting my first comment. GREAT job!! =)
Sarah - I respect you believing whatever you choose too ... and know you do it with integrity.

And I didn't delete anything? But I did accept you as a friend...
Glad you're okay and I'm very sorry to hear about the damage to the cars. An expense one is never happy to take on.

So far as the elections in both places I'm keeping my fingers crossed that sense and positive attitudes will win out.

The vote sharing thing sounds radical :-)

I'll stick around blogger for on-line stuff. I had a myspace page a few years ago but it's too strange a venue for mois.
Oh man, maybe my comment didn't take. I left you my email address and told you to add me on Facebook, but to delete the comment ASAP.

Regardless, we're now Facebook friends. Awesome!
I am SO glad that you got out of that van when you did. Makes my heart race just thinking about it. Amazing...

We just had a dear, HUGE, 100-year-old cottonwood taken down from our front yard, but we have three others in our backyard. I was so sad to see this giant tree go, but, after looking at your photo, I guess I'm kind of relieved that, at least that tree can't fall on anyone passing by now.

Regarding the elections here in the states, I am TRYING not to allow the stuff I see and hear ruin my view of humankind. Very challenging.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Gary.
Oi! gasp! keeps us from taking life for granted, that sort of near miss.... glad you're still on our side of the portal.

the cynic in me wonders if my vote makes a difference, and if the candidate can really overcome the political machine, no matter how good his or her intentions, but my obstinate non-conformist side says, "never admit defeat" so i'll cast my little ballot. and sigh in exasperation at the outcome.... and go back to work on trying to make a small difference.
OK Gary, you found bliss. Now that is a good thing. Your new companion seems to mend open seems, close them securely with a tender touch. I am not envious per say, but grateful for your sake.
Personally I still fell like a victim of a bungee cord with no place to land. But also this will change. It stirred my life up more substantially than I would have admitted to initially, when the College I was previously teaching at, shut their doors. I am still in this state "what the fuck is going on now?". I hate construction to earn a buck, been there, done that. If there was an interesting project that presented some kind of meaning to the lokal community, I would be all for it.
If I had the "assets" (bluntly invested in some healthy stock marked certificates) I would "retire" by now and just continue doing what is my fancy.
But that is an illusionist road. Fools like me can't follow the butterfly without stumbling over the cliff.
You know, you are very silly. I could have send you to Canada a medium sized Husqvarna for about 50$ in shipping, so you would have been able to take care of your rotten trees before they fall on all kinds of cars and vans. I have two of them. I wouldn't have mind to share.
Next time you use foresight OK?
I am always there, you know...

i'm sorry about your car and the van and the tree falling in the windstorm. i'm happy that you're well and connected with life.
good luck with yout elections up there, eh. and happy (belated) thanksgiving.
Hi Gary
Firstly in relation to the blogging connection I think its better to post only once a month than not at all.I, for one, would be sorry to be cut off just like others.

Whilst I vehemently disagree with many of the policies of George W and his party I don’t think he is a fool. He has successfully tapped into significant parts of the American physic and pulse just as John McCain demonstrates at times he is an intuitively clever politician. Notwithstanding it would be a very good I think if Obama could win, I think he is personally very impressive and well supported by his advisors. It seems incomprehensible he could lose , but you have the unknown simmering below the surface about a black man and so forth .. and if people could be convinced the worst is over on the economic front etc anthing , however unlikely, is possible !

It is indeed neither fortunate you were not nor hurt, how mysterious is life; best you continue live it to its fullest as you do!! Best wishes
Gary! Thats some freaky stuff! Glad you are fine. Sorry about the damage.
I have to agree w/you on the blog stuff. I'm not as frequent as I used to be but I value the connections too much to say Goodbye. I will blog and read blogs at my pace whatever it may be.
If you were a cat, you would have just used up one of your 9 lives!

Whew! The angels were looking out for you. That is pretty amazing to have walked away from that crushing blow. That tree (looks like a giant Willow) fell like it was intentionally trying to save YOU!.

Sometimes homeowner's or car insurance covers that kind of stuff? Might be worth asking about.
Still YOU ARE ALIVE! AND WELL!!! Another foot or so in a different direction would have been a whole different story .

I interpret this incident to mean you should continue to blog (grin).

Blog when you can... it is a healthy outlet.
Crap, that was a close call. I 'hear' you that your life is pretty involved work and love life wise. So Amen and thank you for the wake up call and glad you will now enjoy all of it EVEN MORE!!

Thanks for staying in touch and the occasional visit..I do wished that quite a few blogger buddies and I were closer so we could actually visit..like you, I could never totally turn off the blog even if/when blogger's fatigue hits..
take care Gary..enjoy Ottawa for me. Say, did I ever ask you to check to see if Cafe Wim is still in the Byward Market? They used to have a great dessert place called "memories' as well..


Speaking of Madcap Mum, did she post a good-by before deleting her blog and leaving? I wish I had bookmarked some of the sites she posted on some subjects over the time it was up. I just always figured I could go back and reference her blog. Alas, it is now gone, and I miss her.

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