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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Important political messages for my fellow North Americans

Here's the message for my beloved Americans friends - remember, vote early and vote often!

Take this seriously... very seriously.

nd for my Canadian brothers and sisters: Political scientists are saying Stephen Harper's Conservatives could win a majority with as little as 35 per cent of the popular vote. With just a little more than one in three voters selecting them to run this country, the Conservatives would have free reign to push through an agenda most Canadians do not agree with.

I'll simply offer a humble opinion.

Prime Minister Harper is about as much of an ordinary Canadian as Attila the Hun was just one of the guys. Don't be fooled by the baby blue cashmere sweaters and cozy living room table scenes. He wants to be our fearless leader to obey. He wants to slip us and slide us into a free market, Christian-viewed, fearful, every man for himself (caring for his wimmin), laughed at by social democracies around the world ordinary sort of country.

The message: figure out who in your riding might beat the Conservative candidate and vote for that person, even if you have to hold your nose.

Holding back in the hinterland...

Hi Gary:

Here's what Americans need to do: VOTE. Vote. VOTE.

And then the entirety of those votes need to be counted, and not on machines owned and operated by party-affiliated corporations.

Vote Americans, vote.

hahahaha that's one funny video. Did you catch Tina Fey's impersonation of the female Palin?
Interesting video Gary. You know who I'm voting for.

I know I haven't blogged in a while ... but jump over to my blog and check out my GREAT news. =)

I hope all is going well for you.

Are you sure you don't want to become a US citizen in order to vote in this year's election?

Maybe I'll return to Canada for a visit on Oct. 14th (?) to cast a vote for Elizabeth May's Green Party. You do still allow drop-in voting there, don't you?
it's interesting how power changes a person, or a political party.
an easy example: in the united states, the republican party advocated small government. then when they had the power to do so, federal spending ballooned instead of shrank.
government seems to work better when there is somebody in the room keeping everyone else honest.
Hi Gary
Conservatives over there seem to be engaging in traditional Canadian bear hugs to embrace unfettered free market conservatism just as that edifice collapses in fear and loathing all around us !! At least that what i think is happening, or is it ?

Best wishes
Sheri - yes, if a couple of million new voters come out it will swing it (for the good guys).

Vee, yeah that was funny too.

Sarah! Congrats on getting your book published. That is so exciting.

Susan - the Greens might just elect some this time. If we had proportional representation, they would have had members for 3 elections now.

Seraphine - I'm not sure the Republicans changed much, just became very good at fueling the myth of the Democrats being the spenders. As they transfered wealth to their own (beginning with Reagan and ending apparently with a bankrupt Bush).

Lindsay, I think you're correct, but they're selling it through tough on crime, tax cuts, family values and all the recognized red herrings.
A Black Man will never win in the states of Ohio or Pennsylvania. These states are essential to win the presidency.

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