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Saturday, November 08, 2008

We can transcend...we can cross bridges...

I'm at a conference in Montreal - one of the keynote speakers was the CEO of the Africa Trust - a foundation doing some amazing work on that continent. When asked what he thought of President (elect) Obama's victory, he quoted a cab driver in Senegal on Wednesday morning: "He is Africa's gift to America ... and America's gift to the world." I like that.

For those who think 'hope' and 'change' and 'unity' are concepts short on tangible benefits. Think again. We've had enough of the market driving change, of cynicism and fear smothering hope and enough of separation through diversity. It has to start with what we believe. I think we're fortunate that Barack Obama may provide both - the vision... and the action.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: "YIPPEE!!!"

Wow what a quote. I like it. Gave me chills.
It was wonderful. We watched a live feed (wo commentary) of the crowds gathering in Grant Park. When they played the Stevie Wonder song 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours' everybody danced. We wept.

Hope you're both well. Bien venue :-)
Sarah - do I detect and election high still? :)

Susan - yeah, I was in the Vcr airport watching a huge screen with the other red eye passengers. There were tears on so many faces. Mine too.

Merci! We're having a bon temps en Montreal et c'est comme printemps ici. (I think I said it's as warm as spring here...)
Very well said - and lovely quote Gary!
We live in hope that we may now begin the long, difficult struggle to reclaim our country after the dark nightmare of destruction.
Nice quote.

And yes, YIPPPEEE!
Yippee indeed!

I'm totally drunk on hope.
Hi Gary –
I would also like to join with you in congratulating America on the election of their 44th President Barack Obama. It does send out a positive message of hope and good will to see an African / American with his wife touring the white house with the Bush’s, partially built by African slaves, the ancestors of Obama’s wife.

Best wishes
i've been passing on that quote fromt Senegalese cab driver. it's about time America GAVE something. been a whole lotta takin' goin' on.....

ok - i'm grumpy. it's monday, there are 4 inches of snow on the ground and the weather forecast is for freezing rain. humbug
gfid - grumpy can be good. Get that fiddle out and let 'er rip! :)

Canadian weather. Yikes!

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