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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not politics

View across the lake from town - can you see Jimi Hendrix in the yellow trees? (Look to the left.)

Okay, we can only post and talk about politics so much.

I was out on Kootenay Lake with a friend a couple of years back. Sitting by a small fire on the beach, miles from the nearest road or house. I pointed at the setting light on the mountain across the lake, and how the shadow was visibly moving and how golden and beautiful it was (no stimulants were involved, honest!).

He looked for a few seconds and then said, "Yeah, but look at those god damn clear cuts over there! We screw up everything."

He just couldn't see anything without seeing human beings in it - and badly.

It made me wonder how far I get from simply seeing what's in front of me, especially when it's naturally beautiful. This is true with seeing each other too I think - as we each are naturally beautiful.

Am I so affected by the filters of politics, society, prejudices, fears, history, science and all - that I can't just enjoy and experience? I think it's really important to get to a simple place, a place to really see and feel. Agree?

Being outdoors helps, as do stars, little children, waves, music, and loving touches. Does this matter to you and how do you find 'simple eyes'?

Okay, I did mention politics, but I'm not talking ABOUT politics.

Agreed. Yesterday after the Barack Obama rally in Kansas City, the sunset made me pause, if just for a moment, and I thought that it too was a symbol of hope and change for our future.

PS - Is it possible to NOT mention politics these days? ;)
I sniff Laura's scalp. I take a deep breath. I call daughters who live in other cities. I snuggle my husband. I have coffee with friends. And I read posts with funny or thoughtful words, and photographs of children, flowers, pottery, and mountains.
I DO see Jimi! I KNEW you lived in Heaven!

The best way I know to find "simple eyes" is by choosing to slow down and just be present. Letting go of my "need" to judge helps, also.

I have a very good teacher for this - my dog, Buddha. :-)
You must be still bummed out after the Canadian election, hence no politics. That's just fine.
Personally I am a bit apprehensive of the US election coming up. Sorry to say, but it means much more in the "grand picture" than Canadian elections...
As for tranquility and beauty, the fall here has been wonderful, actually astonishing. I also brood on new music on my "back-burner". As for sculpture...we will see. There is no fair predictions for that one.
how do i find simple eyes? is that a mirror mirror on the wall joke?
but really, sometimes it's just taking a deep breath.
sound too. have you ever stopped and really listened? i love the sound of footsteps, trees, water, someone's breathing. the sound of absolute silence- a rarity in most of california- is awesome.
Simple eyes for me are the eyes that still gaze in wonderment at the universe. The eyes that abandon any idea of free will, (which paradoxically gives one the feeling you are totally free) to reduce all expectations and surrender to the present moment in time.

I am sure already you do that when you meditate.

Best wishes
lindsay, as he so often does, said it best.
Sarah - good sign!

Cheri - just proving that the best things in life don't require $$

Carol - I knew you'd see him!

Zee - I bet you're an autumn spirit.

Sera - that's really true, the bit about listening. Especially at night.

Lindsay - I'm with Susan, you say it very well. You're our Oz Guru :)
I am in the thick of US elections. I have 2 volumes of ballot measures before me. One is 154 pages & the other is 44 pages. The State of Oregon only votes by mail, and I have my ballot in my hand. I can vote at any time between now & 11/4.

I feel like my country is up in flames. There are such vast differences in the two major choices, and it's crazy that anyone could take the hate & lies & divisive campaign seriously.

All of that seems UNREAL. It is very hard to get away from it all, as each new day brings some new outrage.

Last week, the husband & I took off for the Cascade Mountains for a day. We went to some natural hot springs, on a beautiful fall sunny day. It was a treat to unplug & unwind. We took a short hike in the forest & got some nice photos, playing with a new camera.

I'm wishing we could fast forward to 11/4, with a positive result for a totally different direction.

I am trying to have positive affirmations of the election. We need healing, and a new direction.
Sorry to have breached the Not the Politics theme, I am just treading water here in the US.

As as you might imagine..... a bit desperate for change.

Hey ! I left a response to your previous tree incident.
I've had a really hard time getting away from the politics, too. I forgot I even had simple eyes! Thanks for the reminder.
yes, i see jimi in the trees. it's a miracle!
Hey, speaking of 'not politics'. Gary, did you get that email I sent you?
Hi Fran - politics and nature can be a good fit to a day!

Arulba - nice to see you again.

Sera - yeah he's here alright.

Andrew - I think I must have missed the email? I've been traveling a lot and things have slipped.

I see Jimi Hendrix on Elephant Mountain and I have a painting (by Wayne King) of that same slope, same time of year, with a little sprite dancing uphill to the right of Jimi. The hills are alive.

G, my dad and I disagreed quite vociferously about politics. Now that he's gone (recently, as you know), all that political bickering seems a bit silly to me. But what I'm thinking about now is how in the last two years, we had gotten beyond that. We both mellowed? I don't know, but thank god for it, whatever it was.

Thank god for the good memories, none of which include any political figures.
Are you redecorating?
simple eyes? ..... found in stillness. solitude. forgiveness. benevolence without profit.
Simple eyes for me: seeing and hearing my daughter smile and laugh, snuggles with my doggies, walking through Central Park and just being with myself, spending time with friends, getting lost in a good book. I try to look for "simple" every opportunity I can get, because everything around me always feels so complicated and tainted.

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