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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Some pre-voting fun

I'm back for a visit - literally, as in I'm in my own bed for a change and also to post something on my blog. Next week I'm in Montreal, for an interesting conference and an even more interesting rendezvous with my friend Anna. I love Montreal, so it will be fun all around.

You American cousins must be excited (and nervous) just now. It's so close to the election and there are so many indications that Barack Obama will be the next President and will lead a strong Democratic government. Yet, there has to be that little bit of doubt, worry about fickle voters, skewed polls and of course, the famous vote-stealing machinery here and there.

In case anyone wonders, the rest of the world would elect him by a landslide. There is only one country in the world where it's even close ... the U.S. Look at this summary of polls to see the international preferences. It's not simply a preference either... people around the world believe this is an extremely important elections - for all of us. I believe so too.

On a lighter note (well, unless you're really afraid McCain/Palin might win this week - in which case it may not be as funny) ... take a look at Sarah in the Oval Office - click wherever the cursor lets you and have some fun. (Some things can be clicked on several times...)

Very excited. Getting super nervous.

I love this photo. How can the world not love Barack Obama?
I just hope everyone votes and everyone's votes are counted.

Thanks for posting this, Gary.

Happy trails to you!
haha i loved clicking through sarah palin's 'oval office' but i knocked over her garbage can. oh oh. oops.
isn't it nice to sleep in your own bed again after a long absence? welcome home.
and bon voyage.
I hope you had somebody to air the sheets for you. Bon voyage and keep fingers crossed - our family vote went in the mail last week. Oregon is so much more civilized.
Sarah - keep working till Tuesday night - we're with you.

Thanks Cheri - there's been a record early vote, which I think might be a good sign.

Seraphine - thanks for both the welcome and the goodbye.

Oregon is very civilized... and has a higher voter turnout than most states too.
Yes looking forward to voting!
The Sarah in the Oval Office is funny as hell. I must say I do get a little nervous that my fellow citizens won't come through for me so it is a little nervous laughter.
Are there any jobs left in Canada (besides airing out sheets and blankets of beds...)?
When I was working on and off in Maine (I am home right now) it did strike me how independent their lifestyle and thinking was. Maine is close to Canada. Do they there also cherish "independence"?
I "enjoyed" Palin's oval office, very well made, must have taken hours to create.
Talking about hours, yeah - the end is near.
What I don't understand, is that there are waiting lines up to six hours even for early voting places (source CNN). This resembles situations usually only reported from the African continent.
I hope tomorrow Obama will be voted in, even though it technically (legislatively) is not of grand difference if his counterpart, McCain, would be chosen as the new "Fuhrer of the Free World".
But the "difference" is a strong moral one, it would mean, choosing Obama, that the general population has no sympathy or "faith" in state affairs as currently conducted anymore.
But it is not a president, even in the United States, who can repair an ideological system that has proven to be fraud in its roots. I listened to a short interview with Newt Gingrich this morning. Very interesting, I actually sympathized with his views. In a nutshell he said, that economies grow from the bottom up, and "socialistic" interference from the top down should be prohibited. He was starkly against all these bank-bailouts, and in particular against giving private corporations gravy, like GM and Chrysler. On the question, what if they vanish? ...just let them die!
Enough talk, flatten out the wrinkles in your sheets, and bon voyage!
Mary - here's hoping that tonight you'll sleep happily and deeply, knowing that things might improve and that there is someone with principles at the helm.

Zee - Canadians aren't known for independence as much as for considering the collective - I'm not sure Newt would like it here. Instead of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Canadians have sought peace, order and good government.

There was a national radio contest years ago - there is the slogan "American as apple pie" - what is the equivalent for Canada.

The winning entry was, "As Canadian as possible under the circumstances."
I'm listening to the results coming in right now. Looking good, but the fat lady hasn't sung yet.

Yep, the rest of the world would elect Obama in a landslide, but we're a little slow in the U.S.

I'll just take a nice, solid win!
[group hug]!! What a relief!!

oh happy day..and on a personal note..glad you're finding yourself comfy in your own bed ([g])..seriously, I know when traveling a lot, there's no place like home sometimes..
have a good time in Mon'real' and with Anna,


We need a blog post from you, Gary. Especially now that the world has CHANGED for the BETTER.

Share your brilliance with us. Let us converse! Here's my SAY.

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Thanks for the nudge Sarah. I'll put something up as soon as I can catch a breath. I am as happy as.... well ... as you!

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