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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome back Gary! (I imagine someone saying...)

It's been a while since I posted something. It's not for a lack of interesting world events or a lack of inspiration or a lack of annoyances to examine... I have been traveling a lot for weeks and weeks and have been putting energy into new work, a new relationship (well, 6 months now), my kids as they fly in an out of the nest... etc.

So this might be eclectic - is that alright? Perhaps something serious, something light, something annoying, something silly and something lovely - how's that?

Something Serious
President Elect Obama is setting the tone - and I like it. One thing he has committed to is to close the illegal detention centre at Guantanamo Bay and he has also committed the nation to ensure the end of torture by the U.S.

Amnesty International is also calling on the President-elect to support an independent commission of inquiry into all aspects of the USA's detention and interrogation practices in the "war on terror", and to ensure full accountability for human rights violations committed in that context.

The organization has written to President-elect Obama to urge him to ensure that closing Guantánamo, ending torture and other ill-treatment, and supporting a commission of inquiry, are among his priorities for his first 100 days in office.

A copy of Amnesty International’s checklist for President-elect Obama is available at: http://www.amnesty.ca/amnestynews/upload/AMR511172008.pdf.

Something Light (sort of)
I'm involved with War Child Canada, a terrific organization working to change conditions for children affected by war - on the ground and in the public opinion arena. Check this interesting promotional 'commercial' out.

Something Annoying
Help me - what is one thing that annoys you about Christmas? (Okay, I'll ask for nice things next week - for this one, let's go with annoying.) I'll get you started: something that annoys me is piped Christmas music starting in department stores sometime in say... early November. Usually crappy recordings and generally they get stuck in my head for days, or until the next time I'm in the store to get re-programmed. "Oh the weather outside is frightful... etc" You?

Something Silly
Any Pee Wee Herman fans out there? If so, just a little Christmas tidbit - with Charo and Chairo! Secret word: YEAR. Here you go.

Something Lovely
The main shopping street in Nelson BC (see, I'm not a Grinch).

something aerious
Obama will have to win an uphill battle once in office
something annoying
Christmas presents depress me, there are too many expectations among people. Why can't we have "Christmas" every day of the year, random gifts, whenever you feel like it?
something lovely
oh yeah, I know you are proud of Nelson, will get there one of these days to take note.
In the mean time I am "proud" of a few other places around the globe, even if I can't post such a fine picture as you did...
Lovely photo, Gary! Is that your own photo? It really looks like a postcard!

What annoys me about Christmas? The fact that some people only contact others during Christmas, and never again during any other time of the year.

It's good to see you posting again, Gary!
the snow scene of nelson is so beautiful, nobody would be a grinch about it, unless you're wearing open-toed shoes (hey, i'm from california).
the annoying thing about christmas shopping is, if you want anything wrapped, there's a line and a wait. the good news about the economic crisis: there are lots of parking spaces available.
congrats on 6 months. she must be very special.
Welcome back!

Nelson does look pretty but where do you keep the obligatory skyscrapers?

The main thing I don't like about Christmas is it's cold, dark and wet.. or is that just Portland?
Gary! Welcome back!

I met my husband for lunch one day in September and there were already Christmas banners up all over the Business park. Not sure I've ever been so annoyed by Christmas.

Piped in music? Bah! Humbug!
I MUST walk down that street at Christmastime some year.

When you lived in Colorado, did you ever go to Georgetown in December? It looks ALMOST as beautiful as Nelson.

Thank you for the work that you do to help create Peace on Earth.
Just came by to say "Welcome back, Gary" :)
Hi Zee - I bet it's pretty in New England now too - and cold.

Nova - a friend took the photo, and it is a pretty street.

Seraphine - she is special and yeah, economic downturns mean big sales - weird times.

Susan - cold and dark fits the entire northern part of the world - Portland might have a little more 'wet'.

Nice to see you Arulba.

Carol - I lived in Colorado Springs, then Denver and don't remember Georgetown. Thank you too.

Hey Vee - nice haiku above.

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