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Friday, December 19, 2008

A winter haiku contest

I haven't offered a haiku contest for a while. Those of you who have won before know of the fabulous prizes and fame that await the winner. (Okay, you'd be better off visiting Susan when she has a contest, and finding a way to win one of her beautiful hand painted silk scarves, but I digress...)

I attended a haiku workshop this summer, with terrific poets, academics and lovers of haiku. In fact, we were the novices in the group. I was surprised to learn (although one of you told me before) that the 5, 7, 5 syllable form is not required or a rule.

So here's my rules:

- refer directly or indirectly to the winter season somehow

- 3 lines (5,7,5 if you wish, but not required)

I'll pull a name at random and award a prize. To get things going:

cold bright morning -

a fresh breeze

spanks my cheeks

If you're too busy with Christmas things to think about poetry - don't feel pressured (hmmm, but there is the prize...)

Okay, Gary, just to mix things up and have some ho ho holiday fun, rather than the traditional 5-7-5 haiku, here is a 7-5-7 haiku, for you.

jolly man, reindeer-pulled sleigh
brings gifts to children
keeps global warming away

Here's my attempt:

Dancing, prancing Jackie
conquering snow with aplomb,
We laugh at winter
'spanks your cheeks'?
oh you are the happy haikuist, aren't you?

I'll try to think of one but only for fun and not as an entry. So glad you're back.
boots on snow
crunching, squeaking
I am freezing

And I am - just got in from walking the dog. It's bloody cold out there!
In the spirit of traditional 5-7-5...

fat, fat, flakes fall down
open mouth, stick out tongue and
catch a cold crystal

Merry Christmas, Gary!
Summers glamour, gone
Trees now bear first seasons snow
Icicles beauty
di-monds underfoot
sky blue as a broken heart
mother earth sleeping
damn, it's cold out there
a Canadian winter
blows in missouri
Dark days wait for light
goose walks across frozen pond
Why don't their feet freeze?
Beth and Scarlet appear -
living in the real world
but blogs still watched

nice to see you two!

There are some fine entries here - and right when you all should be stressing over Christmas too. Thanks.
blanket of white
glistening in the sun
now I embrace the rain

Hello to you , neighbor to the north!
We had a bout with snow & ice,
but now it has melted & the rains returned.
In fact I posted the Beatles tune *RAIN* on my blog, because I am genuinely happy to have it return. Just the the north, Portland & Salem still a winter wonderland with 8 to 10 inches of the white stuff.

Great if you want to stay home,
bummer if you have to get out or fly.

Always trade offs in life, still it is beautiful.

Happy Holidays to you & yours
soft white snow piled high
flakes from branches into my eye
Ah.. I am alive

- Michelle Laurie (Rossland), amateur haiku writer, experienced winter dweller
Merry Christmas - and may all your dreams come true in a happy New Year!

As for the haiku, you bet - I'll be back!
My friends - another week, then I'll choose a lucky gift recipient.

flutter and snow spray
beneath weighted branch -
a chickadee stretches
snowmobiles run fast
while I tread the snow by foot
arriving at last

winter should be called
for Palestine and neighbors
they need to chill now

the dream of a flake
of snow came true today while
melting on my nose

oil is found right here
where hands can gently touch you
warmth is everywhere

...blablabla - How are you Gary?
If you ever come to the greater New York region, I wish that you would make an attempt to contact me. It would be fun to meet up and chat a bit.
Happy New Year!
Zee - yes and yes! If I get to NY state anywhere, I'll look you up. It would be fun to connect.

Hey everyone: one more day for haiku (nice work Zee - I love the 4th one). Then the draw and the amazing (okay, at least nice) prize awarding.
Oh, please don't put my haiku's into the hat for drawings Gary.
You know why :)
In my view everybody must go through it.

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