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Friday, February 06, 2009

2500 miles and 25 degrees celsius...

Orchids on the tree outside the cottage - Kiluea Kauai

Sunset over Kekeha Beach - Kauai

King of the road - if you've been to Kauai, you understand...

Hiking the Wamea Canyon, Kauai

Hiking the NaPali trail (a little ways at least) - Kauai

We're at the Honolulu Airport, heading back to colder air, the last (I hope) of the snow and to lots of work again.

Kauai is wonderful. Go there if you can. Let's have a blogger conference there - I'll organize it.

More later.

That sunset is just absolutely gorgeous. Well captured Gary. And yes, do organize a blogger conference there! It should be fun :)
Breathtaking pictures! I was fortunate to visit Hawaii twice - many years ago - and Kauai was definitely my favorite island.
Beautiful pictures.
As for the blogging conference - sign me up. Great that you'll organize it. Will you be subsidizing it as well?
Oh wow. What a beautiful place. I've been to Maui. While I was there, I called my husband and told him I was never coming back - it was that beautiful.
Thanks Vee, Beth, Suzi and Lisa. It's sort of amazing that the US has a state like Hawaii. I learned quite a bit about the history and sovereignty movement there too...
Hey, if you're paying we'll come along too :-)
A blogger meeting in Hawaii, sounds like a plan. I like that idea!
Wasn't Hawaii annexed by the US as the last state of the Union to be incorporated, sometimes in th 50's?
Wasn't there a kingdom before that? Heck, I get rusty on my history and I am too lazy to make Wikipedia do the trick.
In any case, I hope you had a good time and that you sensed out where bloggers can meet next winter.
Blogger conference in Kauai? Cowabunga.

Cheri stole my line.

Oooooooing & Awwwwwwwwing the beautiful views.
Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful scenery indicative of an amazingly lovely place - I can understand why the musical film ' South Pacific " was filmed there. Numbers like 'Some Enchanted Evening ‘, ‘This nearly was mine’, recorded in the prefect setting.
Best wishes
How long were you in Hawaii?!! I'm glad you were able to go and share a little bit of it with us with your fabulous photos.

If you do organize a blogger conference, I'll definitely be there!
G -- what do you mean you had to delete someone's comments (without response)?

Come back and explain. IDK what you're talking about.

And thanks for checking in! =)
when you first get off the plane in hawaii, take a deep breath. the warm, moist tropical air, slightly scented with flowers, is amazing.

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