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Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving along

Kate Winslet. Read on and it will make sense.

I had an epic travel journey last week - it took me five days to get from Vancouver to Nelson (usually a one hour flight or 8 hour drive). Three days of weather related flight delays, which led me back to the same airport hotel each night "Hello again Mr. Ockenden!".

Then I got smart and flew to Kelowna (half way home) to rent a car and drive the last four hours.
Not so smart after all... All the major highways then closed for two days due to avalanches. So I sat for two days (at my mother's place) making her very happy) before driving home. Meanwhile, flights had begun to land... without me.

One day at home and we drove back to Vancouver to put my daughter on plane for a five month trip to South America (Lima first) and then we leave for Hawaii a day later.

Okay, I know with that last sentence you lost all sympathy for me. I understand. And will post some sunset and rainbow photos soon. Please don't hate me - you could channel your winter-blues resentment to Seraphine instead- she got to go to Costa Rica after all.

On the news front, some very brief (and opinionated) insights:

- Israel has a right to defend itself and Hamas rockets launched into civilian areas is just plain wrong, BUT from a humanitarian and international legal point of view, it can be easily argued that Israel has committed war crimes and atrocities in the past few weeks. More than 800 dead, mostly civilians... shooting at UN workers, preventing the Red Cross from doing its work... and more. Shame.

- President Elect Obama says he'll definitely close the illegal US detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, but it will take longer than he thought. I believe him, but hope people keep reminding him to act so that it doesn't get lost. If the US can stop its policy of torture, illegal detention and extraordinary rendition... it will go a long way to regaining faith from its friends (me for one).

- Kate Winslet (finally the photo makes sense) won two Golden Globes last night. Am I the only one who absolutely loves her work? (If so, please give me a call !)


After your "epic travel journey" you deserve a vacation in Hawaii.
You are going to be missed in Manzanilla this year. Aloha.. and as Beth said - Enjoy!
Best wishes to you Gary - by the time you return I trust we have better news on Gaza as both sides seem to clinging to the mistrust and hatred which go hand in hand to underwrite the intractable nature of this war, yet the majority of those innocent inhabitants so affected(on either side) seek none of it. On the closure of Guantanamo Bay, maybe Obama will need to build US detention centers on home soil and employ few more lawyers to defend those captured. Like you I see it as a promise and a matter of some urgency!
What is this "Manzanilla stuff" Raven (Susan) - ???
Is this a conspiracy?
As for Gary, he can wet his abdominal irritations with Witch-Hazel and additionally roast his pretty ass underneath Hawaiian suns. It might turn brown, or red - your choice.
Ghazza - Israel, bad combination. Even Palestine in general and Israel, bad combination.
The choice of course is always determent by the stronger, that is not the law of passion, that is the rule of reality.
Israel holds all the cards, but plays them in vain...
Good tidings to you and your stay at warm beach sand strips.
Enjoy your stay in Hawai..lucky you! Most well deserved though I might add. The Gaza war is just making me too mad to comment..it's saddening beyond words..there are some evil evil people in this world and that's all I have to say about that!

As for Kate Winslet..you know, I never pay attention to 'stars'?? Mostly, I won't see films if they are a typical star vehicle because you just know the story sucks. The genre and story usually attracts me to go see it..
so what is your 'thing' with Kate Winslet? Anything I should be enlightened about??[g]

Thansk Beth and Susan - and I'm pleased to see you blogging again Beth.

Lindsey, wise comments as usual and yes, Guantanamo will be complex but he has to act quickly I believe.

Zee - not sure about the health advice or my itches, but thanks :)

Ingrid, I just think that she's a terrific actress and not a typical star but more down to earth. I liked her in Hideous Kinky, Holy Smoke, Little Children and other films.
i'm glad you got to enjoy your mother's company for a few days.
i like kate too. she has serious acting skills.
hawaii. mmmm. that sounds like a wonderful holiday.
bon voyage.
Your epic journey and insights go globetrotting.

Thanks for taking us with you in thought and spirit anyway. :-)

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