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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Humour for the road...

I'm on my way to Vancouver for three days. Work and a visit with my 21 year old son Ryan.

A little humour for you (Canuck style).

Hee hee.
LOL my youngest son just wrapped his (second hand, but still impressive) BMW around a pole because he had all season radials..... he didn't need winter tires. fortunately, only the car sustained life threatening injuries. i'm sending him this
I'd missed that Mercer rant - what a great one!
(Of course, they're all great and spot on.)
I got side-tracked after watching the clip and forgot to comment...
Now I don't remember what I had in mind. So I'll just say save travels and have a good time with your son.
Portland Oregon got hit big time with freezing rain storms this winter....they had footage of 4 wheel drive vehicles sliding sideways on major bridges.

Ice is ice!
Wishing you 'Top o the Mornin' and a fine shot of Guinness to wash down the Irish Mist.
Thanks all and yes Susan - I plan to buy a bottle of Tullamore Dew today and sip a wee bit tonight while watching a suitable film. Any suggestions?

ANna is on the road with her work for a couple of weeks or so...
there's a reason why canada has fewer people than the population of los angeles.
yes, it's snow. and ice.
but it must be entertaining as moose crinkles to see people from la slipping in the snow wearing flip flops.
you can tell a lot about people by their shoes.

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