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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr. Obama goes to Ottawa

Read on... and the photo will make very little sense still, but is funny at least...

We're all a flutter here with President Obama making his first foreign trip a visit to Canada. I know... it doesn't feel that foreign here unless you go to Quebec or the Arctic Circle, but trust me, we feel like it's a different country.

It's an odd time. Canadians support Obama to the tune of about 85% approval rating and our own Prime Minister to about 35% these days. Many of us are hoping he'll befriend little Stevie Harper and twist his arm to:
- bring Omar Khadar home to Canada from Guantanamo and treat him within a fair justice system
- clean up the tar sands oil operations in Alberta, which create more than 25% of Canada's carbon emissions
- shift the economy to the colour green by investing in new energy
- become a broker for international peace and diplomacy again, as Canada was once renowned for (not that long ago)

Of course, we could offer some advice on universal health care, on land conservation and we could open up trade in creative ways:

- Cultural Trade: you (U.S.) can have Celine Dion permanently and we'll take Michael Moore
- Weapons Trade: you give us a 3 tanks to double our number... and we'll give you your pick of 3 NHL hockey goons
- Environmental Trade: you give us one Hawaiian Island for solar power and we'll give you enough snow for everyone to have a white Christmas at least once
- Comedy Trade: you already stole Jim Carey, John Candy, Dan Akroyd, Mike Meyers, Tom Green, Michael Fox, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, and The Kids in the Hall. Give us a Hawaiian Island for them too and we'll call it square.

Is Gary rambling? I think so.

Welcome President Obama! We're pulling for you.

Ramble on, Gary. I like your to-do list.

How about we add this to the ramble:

We'll send back Celine Dion and sign over Oahu, and y'all shine the light on legalized same-sex marriage while Obama is there, k?
God bless our Canadian brothers and sisters ... and President Obama! =)
No deal on the Celine Dion/Michael Moore trade!
haha, you really want hawaii don't you. well good luck, because the native hawaiians are first in line.
but but but...
we'll take some of your snow. especially in the mountains, where most of our drinking water comes from. it's been awfully dry in california again.
maybe you'd like north dakota instead?
It's all bit reminiscent of Trudeaumania, isn't it? Alas, wrong country.
Couldn't help but note all your references to Hawaii! ;)
Cheri, I forgot about same sex marriage, which of course, hasn't brought Canada to chaos (or to pillars of salt).

Thanks Sarah!

Okay Carol - he's more or less Canadian anyhow and she lives in Vegas. I'll settle.

Serephine - North Dakota? We already have Manitoba. And I'm with you on the native Hawaiians being first in line. That was interesting to me when there.

Beth - it's on my mind, particularly Kauai.
They were playing music with the bells in the Peace Tower this morning, massive, huge crowd showed up, police presence around Parliament was unreal, but at least, unlike W. Bush, there were no helicopters or armed escort, just a couple of snipers hanging out on top of government builings.

The weather is also appalling.

Hope you're well Gary
Hey Andres! If you see President Obama, say hello for me too! Ottawa can be cold in February, can't it?
Interesting that Ignatieff, the Liberal leader, gets on-air face time too by meeting with the new president. I'd really like to know that Stephen Harper's on the way out.

Your ideas for mutual cooperation sound terrific.. including a bit more snow for Sera's Sierras :-)
i just went back and gave another listen to your new year's post.... the Price of Silence video. i'm a bit overloaded and scrambled these days, and music seems to be the only thing that sticks to my glueless brain just now. and i'm thinking maybe that's the problem with much of the world.... just overloaded, and things that should stick just fall to the floor like cheap sticky-notes, to be swept away when we tidy up. too bad Barack O! and Stevie Wonderless couldn't do a concert tour.... such is the power of music. B could sing lead and S could play tambourine or spoons or something till he learns the words.

and i'd be happy to just give Celine away.... unless the US would like to trade for, maybe, Ani Difranco.

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