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Friday, April 10, 2009

Breaking News: Dad Misses Daughter

Buenos Aires Street Scene - photo of Zoey's

I like this video of my daughter performing last year - hope you do too. I didn't know it existed until this week when a friend directed me to it.

Hope you like it too...

Gary, lovely performance and that's a nice moment captured!
Wow, G. You must be so proud.

What an unexpected treasure -- to come across a video you didn't know about. Awesome.

My best to you both. :)
A very, very talented young woman.
No surprise that the proud father misses his daughter!
Wow -- what a great family you have! Oh yeah. I'm back. Good to see you're still up and running!
Zoey is incredibly talented. I'd be missing my kids, too, if they were so far away.
Love it.

What a talented and beautiful soul.
That was very nice. We both enjoyed seeing and hearing her. The piano lessons paid off :-)
whoops. does everyone have a facebook account but me? when i click the link, it says i need to log in. :(
Apologies Seraphine, I don't know how to copy the video from Facebook to somewhere else. Anyone else know?
there is nothing to apologise for. but thank you for trying.
zoey has a beautiful voice. you sent me "seraphine" remember?
so talented, so beautiful- you must be proud...


(so sorry she is so far away...)

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