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Friday, March 20, 2009

Inspiration...hope...feeling the fight

Here are a couple of clips that I have bookmarked because they both move me. One is very short and one a little longer, both a bit dated. If you have a few minutes - have a look. And just to add to the mix, here is a quote a friend shared with me this week (could be my slogan):

To be truly radical
is to make hope possible,
rather than despair convincing.

- Raymond Williams, Welsh academic, novelist and critic

Publish Post

Tianamen Square 1989

And this is Severn Suzuki, when she was 13. She's David Suzuki's daughter and is an adult activist now.

Hope & passion & courage = change.
And what a powerful, impassioned speech from such a young girl.
Dear Gary, thank you so much for sharing these two videos. I was looking for inspiration of sorts...

i heard Severn interviewed some time this winter on CBC radio. very funny stuff about what it was like growing up with her dad. what a courageous kid she was!!! and, by the looks of some of the listeners, her words cut into warm flesh and made them bleed a bit. i'd like to know if any of them felt it long enough to make some permanent commitments to the issues.
Too bad only the old farts are the world leaders.

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