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Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Queeen Victoria!

For the foreign visitors to this blog, you may be interested to know that we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday in Canada - we even get a long weekend (this one). This was a major celebration decades ago, with parades honouring the old gal and Canada's British heritage. Remember, we were on their side in 1776!

For most of us now, it's about getting the garden in and having some fun outside.

Anyhow, here is my first segue...

1. My great great great Grandfather Slessor was a stone mason and was commissioned by Queen Victoria to build Crathie Kirk, next to Balmoral Castle in Scotland. I not only visited the church a few years back (with me mom), but was able to see the archives with photos of the queen and my ancestor AND Charles, Camilla and kids attended church the morning we did. I'm not much for religion so was able to mostly rubberneck the whole time. That Andrew is a cutie... and Camilla and Charlie were touching hands now and then (awwwww).

Crathie Kirk

My second segue...

2. If you have 6 or 7 minutes free because it's a long weekend, or because you are the kind of person who gives yourself 6 or 7 minutes whenever you choose to... well have a look at this and see what you think..

What a lovely church and how great to know that your family had a party in building it.

As for what I think about the movie?

It might just the key to world peace in 6 or 7 minutes.
Gorgeous church. Sounds like you and your mom had a wonderful time.

I just got all my blog roll on a feed so when ever one of you posts it pops to the top and I can keep up.

I'm pressed for time so will be back to see the key to world peace. I have groceries to put away=just got back from the store with this weeks provisions.
What a beautiful church/kirk and a lovely bit of family history.

Happy Victoria Day to you!
Gary, you have royal connections! That's a fascinating bit of family history. The church is lovely. Even from the photo, I can tell it has such presence.

The video clip was a great way to spend my seven minutes. Thanks for sharing that one. It was a gem, and really, everyone should watch it.

Enjoy the long weekend!
Cheri - yes, contagious isn't it?

Utah - nice to see you again and I'll drop by too.

Hope you have a great long weekend Beth - cottage?

Nova - enjoy yourself too and hope you have a swell NYC summer.
The video was fascinating. There really is nothing like a good laugh is there? :) At first I was wondering if it was a promotional video by some specific group. Then I wondered what would make this person go around in to different cars and make people laugh. And then of course I wondered how he could just make himself laugh so fully and genuinely at what seemed to be a moment's notice. So many questions...but the end result was it made me smile. If you're receptive, so many good things can happen :)

On a different note: now that you're related to someone who met the Queen can you introduce me to Will? LOL
It's pretty simple really, isn't it? I guess it just shows how our feelings can be contagious...in a powerful and funny way.

If I get the change I'll introduce your for sure Vee!
My Grandad was a stone mason too. I got to see some dams he built and miles of drystone walls but I don't think the Queen ever visited unless it was to stop behind one on those long carriage rides.

The video was delightful.
love the wee laughing movie!!
Hey Gary, it's unfortunate I'm not visiting this blog enough, hope you're well.

Are you going to Halifax?
i love the church. how wonderful it must be to think it kinda belongs to you (thanks to your great great grandfather, the stone mason).
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