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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Women of the world unite (us all)...

Mom, Zoey et moi...

I did call my mom today - okay, she called me, but the result was still lots of love over the phone. She's a brilliant and fine mother. In her mid-80s she's still healthy enough to golf two or three times a week, walk everywhere, swim in the lake in the summer and dance a little. Her mind is equally fit. Love you mom!

The video below helps us know that Mothers Day is more than Hallmark...

3 cheers for your mom alright!
btw, I love Ian Rankin and Robertson Davies' books too!
Yes. Moms are fabulous. I'm so grateful for my mother. So grateful she's healthy again. Happy Mother's Day to all moms. You're beautiful.
I hadn’t known the origins of Mother’s Day. I wish it were still “celebrated” in such a way.

(i am checking out that web site)
Beautiful family, Gary!
Thanks all. Moms are cool.
happy mothers day to mom! you all look happy together in the photo.
It's a wonderful picture and nice to see such a lovely family.

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