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Saturday, June 27, 2009

New York is for... everyone

First, I AM sorry, Nova and Zee, that we didn't find time to arrange a blogger coffee visit. It won't happen again and I'm sure New York will. The only friend I looked up was Scott, who I spent years in an ashram life with. He came down from near Woodstock for the day and time melted like an ice cream cone on Wall Street in August.

I love the place. It's not just the endless familiar sites - anyone not heard of Broadway, Central Park, Greenwich Village, Times Square, The Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Harlem, and on and on...?

It's more the energy of the place. Crowded, everyone walking or taking the subway, towering buildings, movement and noise. And then a little closer you find people who talk to you, sometimes really interesting characters, sometimes just chatty, sometimes just friendly.

The arts? Best available. We did a Broadway play by Noel Coward, Blythe Spirit, The Met, The Guggenheim and more.

Food? Oh my God. Just browsing in Zabar's is enough reason to visit NY.

Architecture? Even a Lower Eastside tenement is a gem.

Here are a few snaps.

I bet you know this exact spot Nova - big nature in a big city

A photo I loved at Ellis Island - bath time was never so fun... or dirty

Anna's hair reaching for Ms Liberty (whose lookout is closed to visitors for security reason ironically)

New York's finest on Museum Mile night (free museums and street fair on 5th Ave)

I took this from the Empire State Building late at night - Times Square glow

Dang. You are good with painting pictures with your words and camera.

I want to go to NY. I can't believe I've never been.
If you're going to do city, the City is the place to be. Thanks for the great reminders of a place that lives in my heart.
Love it! I love NYC. I feel xtra alive in Times Square and I don't know what it is about the place...I always come back with a few crazy stories. lol
it's on my list of places to see..... one day
I'm glad you enjoyed your time here. What's there not to enjoy, right? The place is alive, and at all times.

I'll be looking for you next time.
I was going to say something rude, but after finishing the article I thought otherwise. I understand how it is, you only can take in so much.
Nevertheless, I missed your call - I live close enough to Woodstock (hint) and would have been also able to come down to bother you for an hour or two. Perhaps next time...
All that said, I am glad that you have had a terrific time in NYC.
Okay Nova and Zee - next time for sure! And coffee is on me...

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