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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your lighten-up item for the day...

VTM, a television station in Belgium, recently used a flash mob dance stunt to announce their newest reality television program “Op zoek naar Maria”. They are prmomoting the program’s search for an an actress to play the leading role in the The Sound of Music.

As performance art, it's just plain fun and it has Julie Andrews's voice, which is a story in itself. Oh Julie!

Have a look and see what you think. (Thanks for this Michael R.)

I LOVED this! (I love Julie Andrews...)
Watched the entire video with a big smile - and sang along.
Had I been there, I would have joined in – singing and dancing – whether they wanted to include me or not!
Apparently this is a cool new trend.... check this one out...


I hope to stumble upon such an event someday.

I love they way people totally get into it.... like this is one of the best things to happen.
Thanks Fran!
Just catching up with all of your posts when I was away - What a wonderful adventure/ stay for your daughter and no doubt you also have some new horizons to contemplate. Interesting history of your great great grandfather in Scotland- in good spirits you can continue to toast to his grand efforts with a wee dram of aged Scottish whisky!!

best wishes
i think it's wonderful. it's one of those feel good things, even if it's staged. but it certainly beats the steady drum of depressing news you see everywhere else.
Can't help but love this stuff.
Awesome find Gary. Thanks for posting! I wish they did such things at Union Station!

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