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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Seasonal musings...

May morning

Ancient, but productive apple

Johny Jump Ups - gypsies showing up everywhere in the yard...

It's been hot and summery here. Blossoms and multiple shades of green all around yet up the mountain slopes - still snow on top. It's a rich time of year in this little corner of planet earth.

I'm not entirely a news junkie and tend not to watch TV news much. But I read a national newspaper and a bunch of magazine, such as
Harpers and The Walrus. I also listen to CBC radio 1 news and talk shows on our local co-op radio, which has a politically left bent. (I host a morning show every so often now too...)

All this is leading somewhere - really.

Here it is now. My advice to me:

- Follow the news, face the issues, learn about what's up and who's doing what to who, analyze it and decide what to do or not. Work for what's right. Stand up. Speak up. Feel the despair sometimes.


- Look at the beauty and realize what a perfect state we are in. The beauty may be natural, it may be music, it may be an image, it may be a child, a lover, an old woman hobbling out of a store with a bag, a turn of phrase on a page. It is everywhere.

And for a final diversion in this ramble: here's Dan Mangen, an up and coming folk singer in BC, who is attending this year's War Child event in Nelson. (Be patient or push it to 1:30 when Dan really does start to sing.

Happy a fine summer each.

Your advice to yourself?
I'm taking it for myself.
It's all about balance...
What Beth said. Totally.

Also? Dan is cool. Way.
dan mangen has a lot of personality, which really makes his performance shine.
my advice to myself is usually something like this:
don't say it.
don't say it.
aargh, i said it.
I'm kind of a news junkie.... and I have to say as an *American* I am hung up on distress over how this country can ponder or dismiss the idea of prosecuting Bush & Co for their war crimes.
To live in a country where a goofy talent show (American Idol - Idle American) actually makes it into what is supposed to be real news & the criminals run free is a difficult thing to wrap one's head round.

But still the Iris are blooming & the rhodies are in their rainbow of glory. The weather is fine & birds are chirping. Bits of happiness happen along the way, and it takes more effort to pay attention & savor it when you hear the bad news about the economy, and the talking heads chatting about recovery when our main breadwinner has been unemployed for 5 months,

I feel like I have to push myself to remember to smell the roses.... and they are already in bloom here, but my nose has been at the grindstone so long, it takes adjusting!

This song fits well- as my customer service job has the employer treating us like robots, demanding speed, and adding more & more responsibilities along with a pay freeze. We are treated like robots...and we need love too!

Enough of my thoughts !

Have not visited for a while
but your musing will send me to the yard to pluck some roses & have a good long whiff!
Those sound like excellent plans.. in fact, they sound as sensible and nice as you.
I enjoyed your photos. I can't look at Johnny Jump-ups without smiling.

Good advice to yourself! Somehow, I think that you have been following it all along.
Beautiful photos. They make me feel calm and serene. The purple and yellow combination is especially nice. Way more color than what I'm accustomed to seeing here in the city.

That's good advice for anyone.
old apple trees are interesting. sometimes you find them rather randomly placed. i read that early settlers planted a lot of those apple trees, for travelers and the like.

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