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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something fun from La Paz

My daughter Zoey and her friend Evie (also from Nelson) met a film maker when they were in La Paz, Bolivia last winter. In a day they put together this song and she made a video with them. I think it's fun and even pretty cool. (Zoey is the one with the hat. Evie is currently living and working in Buenos Aires...)

What do you think?


That is brilliant. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Love to Zoey. (I just wore my War Child shirt the other day and thought of her.)
The visuals were great and the song very neatly done by two lovely girls. It was a very professional job.

I didn't wear my War Child t-shirt but I did see one of their posters at the EM music and dvd store and I thought of Zoey too.
i loved that Gary! those two harmonize beautifully. i can't believe so much talent exists in dinky little nelson.
that's the fun part of travel, meeting people and having adventures.
it feels so good.
Thanks you three (Susan, Sera and Cheri).
That was fun! Your daughter has a good voice and carries herself with confidence and grace.
mucho coolo!
So cool !
Really catchy groove great vocal harmonies.

Look out Susan Boyle~ these girls have talent!
I agree with you Gary – it is indeed a lot of fun and very cool, please pass on my best wishes and congratulations to your talented daughter and her friend.
Best wishes

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